Blog On Own Domain For SEO?

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Would there be an SEO advantage to add a blog to my domain, a static html site (The site already has an RSS feed) Was thinking of installing WP.

Or would it be equally effective having links coming in from other blogs?

Yup, I can do both, but am interested in the possible advantage of a WP blog on the domain if I already have an RSS feed.

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    Hi Evita,

    Three advantages I can think of are -

    1) auto pinging

    2) user comments can be added

    3) Blog related Web 2.0 stuff like Technorati,mybloglog,myblogcatalog


    Roger Davis

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      Hi Evita,

      It depends to some degree what the purpose of your site is.

      If you're just looking to supplement the ways you can get traffic to your main site, then having a blog and the use of some plugins can mean that your blog grows on autopilot bringing in content from other blogs and rss feeds, and each new post gets pinged and bookmarked to a bunch of bookmarking sites.

      If you just make sure the template has links to your main site, it can just be setup and left on auto-pilot.

      However, if you're trying to build a brand, you might want to use the blog as somewhere to put unique content that supports that purpose.

      In simple terms, having a blog just means more pages of content for the search engines to find, but you can ramp it up however you like.

      For SEO you could put it on a sub-domain so that your main site and blog can come up as two separate entries in the SERPS.


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