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I already have someone who could write articles for me to be posted on the website.
I have to renew an agreement with him and I'm not sure what payment will be fair for both of us.
The subject of the articles is very technical, quire unique, not many people can write about it as it requires wide knowledge of the subject and environment.
I'm interested to receive from him 1500 word article bi weekly plus one short informational around 50 word text every week - which can be re-written from any other social news with full respect to the original writers of course.
How he should be paid? What important I should attach in the contract?
Thank you for your help and good luck!
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    First of all, a thread from yesterday:

    With such a technical subject, keep him happy. $0.04-$0.05/word should probably be the bottom line. If you need him badly, maybe up to $0.10/word or higher. With the numbers you posted, that'd be $150-$300 a month. If he's making you a lot more than that, up the pay and give bonuses.

    Hope that helps!
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      If I wanted good quality, unique, highly technical 1500 word articles that few could write about I would consider myself lucky to pay less than $100 for each article. If you pay too little your writer could disappear on you and it might be very difficult to find a replacement.
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      You mention renewing an agreement so I am assuming that you are already happy with his work. So, on that basis why not look to give a small increase to what you are already paying him?


      Well, everyone likes to feel appreciated and if he writes good content in a specialist area, then hang onto him. Good specialist writers are hard to come across.

      There is a saying that - "If you pay peanuts you just get monkeys" so expect to pay a good rate and I am sure that it will be a win win scenario.

      Cheap writers cannot possibly do the required research to do you justice and for them to feel they have actually made money themselves.

      I hope this helps you

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  • For high quality technical articles on a specialised site, you're competing with offline rates.

    Assuming your writer is good enough to work offline, I'd find out what the magazines (or trade journals) in your niche pay and offer similar rates. You may get away with slightly less, as you're offering regular work.

    You may also consider offering your writer his name on the articles, as that can build up his own name value, which will be a selling point if he ever wants to look for work elsewhere.

    If I were you, I'd also be hunting around to try and find a secondary source of articles if this is a 'difficult' niche to get content for. This will offer you additional flexibility in the future, with the security of having a spare writer available.


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    Instead of a raise... a paid day (or week) off a month, tickets to a show or fair, all out of the blue get more loyalty than a raise costing 10 x s as much!
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    DogScout has good ideas, too -- the basic rate should be good (remember, I offered those numbers as a starting point for someone with a low budget and cooperative writer, not a suggested rate of pay), but...

    One of my favourite clients ever became one of my favourite clients by offering bonuses now and again at Christmas, when I did a set of articles he loved, when I earned him more money/traffic than usual, etc.

    Believe me, they can be incredibly motivating.
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