Interview With An Old School Media Dude

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Media Watch: Media Watch Special: Interview with Greg Hywood (25/04/2011)

Greg Haywood CEO of Fairfax Media was interviewed tonight on the Australian ABC Media Watch.

FairFax Media is one of Australia's largest media companies.

Greg said this:

Greg Hywood: Well and what you what you’re seeing the publishers doing is saying you know because of the nature in which the internet grew which was free publishers are saying no, no. We’re not doing that again. The tablets, the apps are going to be paid for and you have to find a way of making sure that you create the audience for them and then you maybe you don’t pay at the beginning but at the time but it’s going to be a paid model and then that means that you then have to readdress online.

The dude is basically saying they will 'try' to force users into paying for their media once more.

What a tool.

Why on earth would people pay for media which is now already free and has been for years?

He is assuming that because the media giant he works for made no money in the dot com boom that no one did. He is totally incorrect. This type of thinking is crushing the old school media firms and is helping to grow the newer younger and smarter companies.

Nice one.
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