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Hi Guys, I am bit nervous about posting here as you all seem to be so competent and experienced.
I really need a bit of direction if you can help. I have just completed my first e-book in the bodybuilding niche. Was just going to sell it off my site and then thought about making it viral. Is it wise? where do I start getting it out there?

I do hope you can help

Stay Well Stay Happy

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    Welcome John!

    You can place your offer in WSO - Warrior Special Offer section.

    And join a few bodybuilding forums to market that way too.
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    Hello John,
    as Getmoneyzone and Always-A-Warrior have said
    you can market your ebook using a WSO, which is a great

    Here are some other ways to make it viral.

    One of these is to have an affiliate programme, so that
    other people can market it for you.

    You could offer it through Clickbank to do this.

    Then as people market it for you, there will be an
    increasing number of links back to your website.

    Another way is for you to offer the first chapter free.
    Or an abridged version of the ebook, with a link to
    the full version.

    Then you can start marketing it. You can use Twitter,
    Youtube and other popular websites to do this.

    The fitness niche is a very popular one so I am sure
    you will do very well with this ebook.

    I hope you are very successful with it.
    Best Regards
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    Doing a WSO with a free or very cheap ebook is a great way to kick off a new product and also to get it going viral in a hurry.
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      I reckon you'll get more mileage in being active in bodybuilding forums and online communities. Give great advice and start your own threads and just remember to have a link (sig file) to your blog/site where your ebook is.

      You' d be surprised how much traffic comes from forums.

      Join as many as you can, set up analytics on your site and then see where the most traffic is coming from. Once you know this, concentrate your efforts on this particular traffic source. 80/20
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    You can also make your ebook rebrandable where people can insert their own website/affiliate links. This can make it go viral

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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