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Here are some tips on maximizing the earnings from these traffic sources, especially for beginners:

1) Whatever the traffic source is, start searching in it and look for competitive ads marketing something similar.

2) Models your first ads off of competitor ads that you see running for at least 7 to 10 days (more is better) because this suggests that the competitor is doing something right.

3) Start out with a very low budget (e.g. $10-$15 per day).

4) Track your results. Each website or affiliate program you are promoting is different so each one has some type of tracking method where you can track down to the keyword level. is a free tracking program we have used with success.

5) Be patient. It usually requires some tests first.

6) Start out with very targeted campaigns. For example, in PPV (pay per view), you can target websites so that your ad appears when a person is browsing a website. If you target websites that are very similar to , you are very likely to make money (we have tested this and it works). The same holds true for your other campaigns: start with longer more focused keywords first.

7) Many people want to start with Google (because it is one of the most widely known search engines), but Google requires that you have a considerable amount of unique content and often makes incorrect decisions regarding affiliate sites. The 35+ niche templates we provide with your membership require no customization (aside from some needing your your affiliate ID to earn commissions) when using many of the search engines below. For those of you who want to just get started and go, this is a good option.
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    Other things you should record when checking competitor ads:

    1. Ad network
    2. Ad size
    3. Ad location
    4. Time you saw the ad
    5. Use your Snipping Tool to get a copy of the ad

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