Getting Multiple Product Pages ranked for the same Keyword Phrases

by smoh
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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has had success in getting multiple product pages ranked for the same keyword phrase.

For example, if you are selling cell phones and you have multiple pages that are similar but for different models, is it possible to get PG 1 rankings for both products?

Product #1: "Unlocked iPhone 4 (16GB)"
Product #2: "Unlocked iPhone 4 (32GB)"

Target Keywords:
"Buy iPhone 4" AND "unlocked iPhone 4" on both pages.

Both pages have completely unique content, have the same layout, are on the same domain and have backlinks pointing to it from various sites and IPs.

Am I wasting my time building links to both sites? Or should I build backlinks to a landing page which has both products on it? I've been able to get ranked competitively for one product page, but the second one doesn't show up anywhere in the SERPs.

Any thoughts, tips or success stories would be great!
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