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Hey there fellow warriors, just wanted to share these awesome tips, to grow you traffic getting skills. As you all know im all about traffic, traffic, traffic, and ive seen and tried and succeeded with pretty much every source of traffic out there, and here are 3 of the one i consider the easiest and fastest sources of traffic today:

1.) Fiverr - Here you can pay only 5 bucks and get blasts to thousands of twitter and facebook followers. I've never seen a cheaper place to advertise online to that many people. HIGHLY recommended!

P.S. Make sure you check the users feedback. Some people just take the 5 bucks and never send a blast. Make sure they are trustworthy first.

2.) Tube Mogul - This is a great source to blast your videos to tons of video sites (youtube, dailymotion, veoh, etc...) all at the same time. Great for video marketing! All automatic once you've signed up for the sites and entered your login info.

3.) Slideshare - You can use this resource to create short ebooks with your affiliate links (and/or optin page link) embedded into it. Great for ongoing and automatic traffic generation.

Hope these helps you warriors out! Best of luck to all of you in your efforts! Remember, the money is in the list! (as cliche as that sounds, but its true ) Try to focus on building your mailing list(s) in order to increase your profitability.

And as always, Live your passion and make a difference,
Diego Ortiz
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