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I like to tinker.

About 3 weeks ago I started a new site - it was kind of an evening project. I really haven't done anything with Amazon, so I thought I'd give it a try. 3 weeks and 9 sales later it's made $33.18. Really not too shabby since I've done almost nothing promoting it. But more about what I didn't do later.

Below are the steps I did take. Try to keep up... it's complicated (not).
  • I browsed Amazon looking for a family of products. We are surrounded by physical products. I just picked one and looked it up on Amazon to start my search. I wanted a family with products ranging from around $50 to upwards of $200 (like gas grills). The products I chose range from about $50 to more than $1200. They were a little heavy on the upper end, but I figured it was just a test, so it was ok. I'd read that electronics are a little tough, so I picked something else. My brain told me that the product family was something that people would probably buy on Amazon. That's the extent of product selection I did.
  • I registered a domain name which included the product family. This wasn't so much about SEO as it was buyer comfort, however the domain might help a little for long tail searches. So for example, if the family were "gas grills," the domain name would include that phrase (i.e. gasgrillsplanet.com).
  • Installed Wordpress. I could have used Twenty Ten (the new default theme), however, I just grabbed a free theme with colors that would sort of match the product family. In other words, if the site were for gas grills, I'd pick an outdoor-ish theme. I really didn't put too much effort in this - maybe 10 minutes.
  • I installed the following plugins: All in One SEO; Google XML Sitemaps; SEO Searchterms Tagging 2 (modified to remove the footprints).
  • I made a page for each of the major product types. This was really more for the visitor than anything else. I just wrote a few paragraphs about each type of this product. (i.e. gas grill, gas smoker, etc.)
  • Finally I started creating posts. I did the above steps on one evening and added product posts over the next week in the evenings - maybe a couple of hours a night. I did this until I got tired of adding posts. If I'd added more there'd be more traffic and commissions. Eventually I will outsource it.

    Each post features a specific product. I included the manufacturer name and model number in the following places within the post: Title; H2; H3; first sentence; last sentence; 2 more times; alt tag on an image of the product (for example, "Weber E-620").

    I copied some of the Amazon information, like the bullets. I re-wrote some. I added snippets from a couple of the Amazon reviews, each one linking back to the product page. I added a couple of paragraphs towards the top of the post describing who would need one of these items and how it could be used. Within these paragraphs and in a couple of other places I added text links to the product page on Amazon. I added a large "click here for price" link. I made the manufacturer the only tag (again, for the visitors).
  • I used SocialBot to bookmark each post as it was finished. Any bookmarking software would work for this - there are even plugins that will bookmark as each post is published. This probably doesn't help (much) with ranking, but it does help with indexing.
  • When I got tired of writing these posts I stopped. I think I did about 35. If I'd done two a night I'd probably still be going 3 weeks later. Again, I'll outsource these posts at some point.

Now for "why this works."

First, I didn't over-analyze. I acted. Could the site be better? Sure. Could each post be better optimized? Yes. Keywords, products, domain name, pre-sell? Yep, yep, yep, yep.

However, people started finding my site on the first day. Almost all of my traffic is from long-tail searches including the model number. Today I'm on the first page for 9 of the products, so the traffic is slowly growing. But it's not some unattainable amount of traffic. The site has averaged 16 visitors per day over the last 3 weeks - it's building, but it's really just a tiny trickle. Knowing what I do about ranking and traffic, it will keep growing for a while.

Now for a couple "what if's."

What if you did the same thing.

What if every time your site earned $5 you used someone on Fiverr to throw some backlinks at a different post? How would your results be different?

Give it a shot then let me know...


P.S. No, I'm not doing an Amazon WSO - there are PLENTY out there. I "work" offline. I "play" with niche sites.

P.P.S. Only two of the products purchased so far are items from my pages - both were on the lower end. One of the unrelated items was... a gas grill.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sheryl Polomka
    Kelly I think you hit the nail on the head - "I didn't over-analyze. I acted."

    You put the work into it, even though you didn't analyze it all and you say you could have optimized it better - the fact that you took action and worked on the site is what made it successful.

    I think too many people read ebooks or step by step plans and start doing them, spend so much time analyzing and preparing that by the time they start actually working on the site they are almost 'over it'. Then they might create a couple of pages while on the side they are looking for the next thing.

    Taking action is the key and continuing to work on and build up your site.

    Well done just goes to show that a simple site can work if you work at it.

    Thanks for sharing
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    • Profile picture of the author Tom Ryan
      Good stuff Kelly.

      I think a lot of people make things way more complicated than it needs to be. They get hung up on all the little details before they even start a new project. If they would just start and not over-analyze things, they would probably start seeing some success as you did.

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    • Profile picture of the author Kelly Verge
      Originally Posted by Sheryl Polomka View Post

      I think too many people read ebooks or step by step plans and start doing them, spend so much time analyzing and preparing that by the time they start actually working on the site they are almost 'over it'. Then they might create a couple of pages while on the side they are looking for the next thing.
      That's how I tended to do things when I was just getting started in IM. By the time the site was live, I was tired of working on it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ian Varnava
    Nice post Kelly, I'll also piggy-back on what Sheryl said. I think the key take-away in there is that you acted on every single step. If this was your average, non-acting person doing what you did, they might have taken a month or two to do what you did in such a short period of time.

    You didn't take a month to decide the niche, didn't take a week to decide which WP theme to go with, and didn't take another month to work on some fanciness you saw being done elsewhere. You just simply acted and now the money is coming in.

    I love Amazon sites in that sense. I have never not made money by putting Amazon links on a website. Also, more often than not those sales have been for completely unrelated items than what I was pushing on my sites. Doesn't matter how 'unpopular' of a website... put Amazon on it and you will get sales. Sure, they won't necessarily produce an income you can retire off to start with, but you will definitely break your first dollar and then some. I'm saying this more to newbies or those who always seem to be struggling to make any type of money online, not necessarily to the OP as he seems to be doing just fine, by the way.

    As I've read elsewhere, people online will shop from Amazon, it's just a matter of whose cookie they're carrying in their browser at any given time.
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  • Profile picture of the author joetann
    Nice post, we need a WF sticky with 'step-by-step' type posts to go in to! This is good stuff!

    https://www.letscommence.com/ - better logo design briefs for designers
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  • Profile picture of the author mikeroosa
    Great advice Kelly. It's all about taking action and trying something out, analyzing your results and making adjustments.
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    • Profile picture of the author techservice
      Thanks - given me some food for thought!
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  • Profile picture of the author RedHat39
    It's funny this is the exact system for one of the Rhodes brothers reports on a simple cash system. It just goes to show you if you just act upon your idea and give it an honest shot at turning a profit it will eventually hit the mark.

    Now imagine having 5 sites like this that all are building steam slowly. Sure you'd have to oursource content for them, that is unless you're like Jason Fladlien a super fast wrtiter, but making the posts once you have the content would take less than an hour a day for all 5 sites.

    Thanks for the post. If this doesn't inspire the newbie thats never made a dime then nothing will.
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