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Hai Guys,
I'm already finished my review site about template and web graphic. So i need you opinion, or some critics for my site. Here is my site: >>
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    You might want to check the grammar on your review posts. Also the facebook share button needs to be customized. Other than that, your website looks good.
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      Thank for the advice O0o0O. so the posts in my site is have bad grammar?
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        Thanks renukoot.
        i just try to become my self to make posts. so you have any idea to can make the post more like review other than selling?
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          If I were you, I'd go and look at several review sites in your niche and see how they do it. And yes, your grammar needs attention.

          Your site is a bit 1990's and "clunky". Learn to use "Wordpress" using cPanel Fantastico (NOT "") - sign up to and do it from there. WP offers loads of free review-style plug-in templates. "how-to" info for all this can be found in YouTube.

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    the site is good but it look more like selling the products then review of the products. The emphaziation is more on sale.

    Its understood that people make site for earning but as u said that ur site is for review, it looks more like only selling.

    Also look for more good themes of the page that goes with ur contents. Sharing option is good but keep the icons in little small size, they are big.

    Abhishek Srivastava
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    It doesn't look like a review site. Don't try to make something it's not.

    It's not what you know, it's who you know.

    Stop thinking only about helping yourself achieve your goals, and start thinking helping others help you achieve your collective goals.

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    i think you need to change its content.
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    Its preety good ,Good start mate ...
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    Here are a few tips:
    • If you are doing anything with SEO... In the title, only focus on 1 or max 2 main keywords. Stuffing your title with too many keywords won't give great results".
    • Get a call to action in your title, it will get you more traffic from the SERPS.
    • Add a summary with all the products and their ratings above the first post .(People don't like to scroll down)
    • Remove the post date (Or add fake date), people don't like old news
    • If you want more people to subscribe, remove the search, the feedburner subscribe, the categories, and the share this box. Replace all of them with a nice call to action and incentive to opt-in to your list.
    Other than that the site looks good
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    For All: Thanks For The Opinion and critics
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