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Anyone used (or tested out) Premium Web Cart?

It looks very robust - and appears to solve limitations I'm up against with 1SC.

For example I could actually run multiple web businesses (easily). It also includes a ticket system and lots of other useful features.

Love to hear your experience with Premium Web Cart.

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    I am using it at the moment, and I agree that being able to run it on multiple sites is a huge plus. In my experience it works quite well and where they have been a few small issues, they have constantly upgraded the system. Support is pretty good at responding to any help you need, and it works well for my needs.
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    WOw, I just came across them from a banner ad (very rare for me to click on those!) and I was BLOWN away by their features!

    Check out the features: Premium Web Cart | 1shoppingcart review

    I dare say that in all my research I have never seen something so awesome. I am seriously considering the $99/mo.

    Drez, did you ever end up using it?

    and Ruth, may I ask what plan you are using? Do you use the professional plan? i have some question etc maybe you can answer. Thanks,
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    Oh, one question that I had was... do they support Google Checkout? I didn't see it on the list of merchant accounts that they integrate.. hoping they do.
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    THe other question I had was... I saw at the bottom of the features list under "Suggest a Feature" that they listed "Admin and Sub-Admin Control" as a feature... does this mean I can create sub-admins to be able to login to it and manage only their cart for their site? That would be killer feature for my clients etc.
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    Hi Jason

    There are a few points that you seem confused by so let me clarify them for you:

    1. Our system is set up for 1 merchant to run multiple businesses as this is a common and very effective model for online marketers. The system is not set up for a webmaster to have multiple customers under 1 master account. Not 100% sure if that's what you're looking for but this is a common misconception.

    2. The Admin and sub-admin permissions are used for the business modules most commonly outsourced or intended to work with multiple people that may not be part of the "mother company". For example, outsourcing ticket support, or live chat is a common activity so there needs to be a way for you to allow these people only into the designated modules.

    3. The CRM/autoresponder and Project Manager are also common tools that require multiple permission levels for obvious reasons as these tools are often accessed by internal and external personnel.

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