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Hey all,

I have a wordpress blog that is getting a huge amount of page views from particular IP address - too many to be natural.

Do any of you know a way to easily set things up to limit the number of page views an IP can have per minute and after that limit is hit, it will just throw up a message stating that the service is temporarily unavailable? But other normal users will continue to access as always?

Ideally a wp plugin would be great but I'm thinking learning how to manipulate the .htaccess files is the way to go.


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    I don't know about throttling with htaccess but I believe there are some Apache mods you could use. Might need a little help from your host if they're willing depending on your skill level and server access.

    Apache Module Registry

    You can use htaccess to entirely deny access by the ip if you think it's definitely not friendly (like a search engine spidering). I would google the ip address/range to see if I could find out what's going on first.
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