Social Media / Networking Rates?

by TheVCF
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Dear Fellow Warriors,

Does anyone know where we may find?
And/or do you know?

"Industry Average" (pay) Rates for performing various Social Media / Social Networking Consulting Services.

  1. Creating a company's Profile/page at a Social Network service, e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, etc.?
  2. Finding, per defined criteria, and sending Invitations to New Friends to become Friends with/part of the network of the company's Social Network site, per number of Invitations?
  3. Posting (pre-written) updates, e.g. Blog Postings, status updates, etc. to a Social Network site per update per Social Network site?
  4. Social Bookmarking of a Page/Post per Social Bookmark Service/site, e.g. Digg, Technorati, Furl, etc.?
  5. Posting Ads, e.g. in Free Advertising sites/forums, per Ad per site/forum?
  6. Posting Comments, with Backlinks back to the Company's web sites, in Friends Social Networking Sites and/or other related Blogs, per Comment?
  7. Submitting a Company's Blogs to Blog Directories, per Blog Directory submission?
If there are no "Industry Average" or "Standard" (pay) Rates for performing these various types Social Media / Social Networking Consulting Services, then ...

How much would you pay someone else to perform these types of Social Media / Social Networking Services for you?

Any and All of Your Responses would be Greatly Appreciated! J

Thank you all for all of your participation and help! and Have a Great Day!

- Michael S. DeVries
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