7 is a lucky sales number. isn't that Ironic?

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Since 2006 I've always been putting the number 7 behind all my prices. I started out in eBay and my first item went up to $36.87 starting bid.
it was the professional wide angle fisheye lens for canon / for nikon / for pentax/ and so forth. I've sold thousands every week for 2 1/2 years straight and had no competition. then everyone started copying off me, but it is ok. I had made my money and moved on to something else.

when I moved on to the next business my prices were $3.87 a meal (1 meat 1 side). lol yea - owned franchises.
In fact I priced stuff in all sorts of variations ending in 7
$28.87, $69.97, $88.87, and so forth.

I have found that nothing converts better than having a 7 attached to it at the end. my $39.95 products were selling 10 times less than stuff I had listed for $48.87 even though the quality was the same if not better.

now I've never heard of the Warrior Forum before. I joined less than 2 months ago. and I just realized that everything is being sold in $7s - $7,$17,$27,$37 here too!

did anyone else also developed this way of thinking naturally?
very curious about this... :confused:
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