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Hey people,
i have a delima i want to buy a book for a friend that has help me out recently, but i have no idea where to start. He is a 57 year old doctor, who is a keen reader. He talks & reads about history a fair bit and a little keen poetry i think. He speaks latin and is a extremely intellectual person. as i am only 19 so there is a bit of an age difference and i read books in different categories. Can anybody help me?
deadset thanks a million for any help
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    Try a gift certificate from a book store - and a nice bookmark to go with it

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    Nicola gave you some good advice, a gift card to amazon and a nice bookmark is a pretty sweet combo.

    If you really want to buy a physical book, ask your friend what his favorite book is or something of that nature during casual conversation. Another option is when you're at your friends home or office take a peek at their bookshelf and remember a few of the titles you see.

    Then head over to Amazon and search for the books he already has. From there you can see other titles he may be interested in by looking at the books listed under "people who bought this book also bought the following other books" or something like that. Also reading the comments in the book reviews for each book might also tip you off to another good book in the same genre that he might enjoy.

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