How Many Sites And Niches Do You Have?

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Hi fellow IMs,

As a newbie here (to the forum but not to IM, although my IM income is more of a newbie's *lol*), I am interested to learn how much sites you all manage and how many niche do you operate in? Just collecting some ideas on numbers so I can set realistic expectations for my endeavors.

Also 2nd question: What are the things you manage yourself and what do you outsource to others?

Thanks for your advice!

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    For the most part, the only thing I outsource is backlinks. I do outsource article writing and content creation on occasion.

    Right now, I'm sitting around 28 sites in probably 25 different niches. These sites range from Amazon to Adsense to Clickbank to CPA Offers. I've tried a little bit of everything you could say.
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    Hey I'm a newbie to IM, but I'm currently managing my own website but I got several backlinks, I'm seriously thinking of outsourching article marketing but I'm not sure when to start since I'm doing it myself to get a hang of it
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    I have about 20 or so sites in way too diverse niches (IM to makeup... lol). My shopping-addiction carried right into domain names and I still love digging for a strong domain name and buying it just because, but one of my immediate goals is de-cluttering and streamlining down to 15 or so sites that I can really manage.

    Currently I outsource link building and research for new product creation. One day, I'll outsource everything except for WRITING and maybe video production, as these things are what I "do" and I'm a bigggg advocate for doing what you do, and farming out the rest. I hope to be there 100% in just under 2 years.

    Come to think of it, I'm sort of a lofty pie in the sky person. I see the money everywhere. Sometimes, this can be a distraction rather than a gift, because when I was starting out I'd begin way more projects than I'd finish. And ya gotta finish to get to the money. So, now I'm working on seeing things through... and jotting my new ideas down (never ignore them!!) so I'm all lined up for what's next. Good luck!
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    I have started IM 5-6 months back. When I started I just wanted to see if could rank well in SE. I did it 2 months back and now I am working on 4 websites currently. All of them are CB sites and actually made more than 1000$ in my last 2 months.

    Just concentrate on 3-4 SEO optimized website. Get a lot of backlinks. Dont worry about the google dance, eventually you will get at top.

    Just forget, do your keyword research well. Just that ensure you choose buyer keywords.
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      I have 5 websites all inside the same niche, fitness.

      Benoit Tremblay

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        Currently In possession of 3 websites and several different affiliate programs. However this list will be streamlined to be less of a hassle. I handle all of the workload and outsource nothing simply because I have the time to do everything myself.

        Jacob Hargreave at your service...

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    I personally own about 15 sites in 4 niches.
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    I'm currently running 6 websites in 4 niches. I've been doing this for the past 2 years and I don't see myself running more than 10 sites. 3 of my sites require constant attention, because most of the comments I get on them are questions and I take the time to answer every single one of them.

    I guess it really depends on the type of websites you run and how much you outsource your work. I write all my articles and I don't bother at all with backlinks. After 2 years I have a small community of regular visitors and a healthy number of organic traffic as well.

    It doesn't matter if you have 100 websites, if they are crap then you won't have fun developing them and you won't make any money from them either. I learned the most by just trying things out and not being afraid to make mistakes. If you have an idea on what you want to do, I would say just try it and that's the fastest way to learn your way around.

    As far as outsourcing is concerned, you get crap done if you pay crap. People with the knowledge and expertise to do a professional work, they charge a fee that resemble their work.
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      I currently have 7 across 5 niches. I have had up to 13 sites before - but I didn't feel like I was doing my best at all.

      I'd rather do more with less - than less with more. That goes for time invested and income.
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    almost 1,000 websites. hundreds of niches.

    don't do that. it's really stupid and impossible to manage.

    I outsource a lot of things - but still not enough.
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    I have 3 websites; all them about mental health. I have also created already 27 Squidoo lenses, about mental health, self-help, and scientific dream interpretation. I have only one lens about internet marketing.

    Create Squidoo lenses, which are mini-websites, and their creation is free. After learning how the internet works, and after making money with your lenses, create your own websites. However, remember that you’ll have to pay hosting, and promote your websites a lot in order to get traffic. Thus, wait until you’ll know very well what you are doing before facing this adventure.

    Here is a lens that teaches you how to create many Squidoo lenses in a short period of time, and many traffic tricks:

    Whenever you may decide to create a website, create instead a paid Wordpress blog, with many plug-ins that will help you get traffic. However, don’t do that before knowing how the internet works.

    Study many posts in this forum because many warriors give you free lessons in many threads.

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    Currently have 6 sites. 5 are monetized with their own product, no CB, Adsense, or CPA, each in a separate niche and 1 is a private family site so it doesn't count. It takes me roughly 2-6 months from product idea and creation to launch. All make up a good chunk of my current income.

    PBN site builder. Expired domain scraper. Website Hoster.....Oh, and an amazing guy. :)

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    I'm in one niche and all the products and software thats developed is withing that niche. I outsource my software development and graphics.
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  • I'm almost at 100 sites, all fully monetized in various ways. Most are entirely different niches.
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    3 websites on 2 niches: IM and cars

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    Two membership sites, about 4 news sites, and a lot of niche sites. I outsource writing original content.
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      I currently have a grand total of one site

      It's in the MMO niche

      Would like to get involved in the fitness nich as it interests me alot more in general and everyone seems to say you should be in a niche you actually have an interest in...

      All the best people,

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    I got rid of almost all my websites (sold them) to concentrate on one big business/network of websites I am building and growing quickly.

    But I plan to have 3 big businesses in 3 different niches within 1 year.

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    I have 1600 domains. A small handful pay for all the rest. Many I bought to resell.

    My two main niches are music and gifts.


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    Originally Posted by Hadouken View Post

    As a newbie here (to the forum but not to IM, although my IM income is more of a newbie's *lol*), I am interested to learn how much sites you all manage and how many niche do you operate in? Just collecting some ideas on numbers so I can set realistic expectations for my endeavors.

    As you can see from the above image, which showcases My Sites Folder, I have 10 websites. But many are failed attempts, or classed as come back later and work on. Only a few of my sites I am actively working on, and make me money.

    I would say only 3 of the 7 make me money, I earn about $2000+ a month.

    I operate in a large range of niches, such as:

    I offer web design and SEO services to select clients. I create content centered around helping people make the right product choice, and this content has affiliate links embedded in it. I also have just entered into the product creation market with my eBook guide on backlinking, my Link Library and Commission Checker Software.

    Originally Posted by Hadouken View Post

    Also 2nd question: What are the things you manage yourself and what do you outsource to others?
    I manage myself:
    • Content Creation
    • SEO Planning
    • Web Design

    I only outsource tasks that are long, boring, tedious, time-consuming such as white hat link building such as listing my site in web directories. I also outsource things beyond my skill set, which is graphic design, so I outsource logo creation, etc.

    Hope this helps, Goodluck - PM if need anything.
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    I got 8 sites and about 5 different niches.
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    I have probably a few dozen websites, in around 3-4 main niches. Making multiple websites is fine, but try and keep your niches together.

    I outsource almost everything now, but used to do it all by hand.
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    I have two sites and seven niches.
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