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After reading a good WSO in the War Room I bought a domain and set up a basic website for a local business and it's now ranking REALLY well. I haven't even done any backlinking yet, this is just the on page SEO

Anyway, my question is how do I sell it to my target market? I've checked my local ones and there are two or three in particular that would really benefit from being the owner of this website, I don't think they have any website at all at the moment.

If I approach one of the businesses, how should I pitch it? It cost me about £10 to put this together and my time to set up a WP site and do some SEO on it.

Any advice from those of you that are experienced in this kind of thing would be really welcome.

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    I sold a similar US City based site with $ 500 through a local sales marketing agent as I am not an US resident. That man asked me to sit back and wait while he look for suitable clients. He was expecting $ 5000 or more for the site. But I couldn't wait for some reason and situation forced me to sell the site to that marketing agent with 10 times less price and within 15 days he resold the site to a professional (at 10 times higher price I assume). However,

    From the experience of that dealing I can tell you this: the price will depend on how much search traffic you are getting and that how rich is that niche. If it is a dentist niche and you can make understand a local dentist how he would be benefited with that traffic, he would pay a handsome price. Understanding niche in terms of how much they are ready to pay is important. Hope this help a little bit!
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  • That's interesting. I am not sure that the niche is as profitable as a dentist niche, but it's a professional one, so I will look into this element more.

    I'm not sure about the search volume as you can't check local searches on google adwords and I do know how else to see what volume of local traffic is hitting the site, but it's ranking well on Alexa already and it's going up. It's got quite good on page SEO so it's all down to that.

    Thanks for your reply, this sounds promising.
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      If the site is for Xshire, you have to prove your prospect that you are getting this much traffic per day from Xshire area whatever the business is. Ranking 1 has no value unless it can attract traffic. You have to show your sites traffic stat. There must be some kind of traffic stat system provided by your hosting account. If the site is a WP Blog, you can install Statpress plugin to generate traffic stat. After you get the stat of the site, take screen shot and show your prospect. The price will depend whether the traffic is 10 or 100 per day.
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