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Here is one problem we face when we publish on amazon.

Bogus comments will begin to appear. This is before you sell a single copy.

These comments are very generic. They could apply to a book on gardening or economic science.


1) It does not say anything that is new. Mostly a rehash of information you can find on the internet for free and he hastily put up.
2) Author does not have much experience. Read the book and it seems he is still in pampers. Also, he fails to cite sources.
3) The author's writing ability is poor. He should get some one to edit the copy.
4) His book is very expensive. For this book I would not even pay a penny. Do not waste your money.
5) OK, in conclusion, I give this book one star because I cannot give zero.
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    Yes indeed. One of the problems with Amazon is that anyone who has ever made a purchase there (not necessarily of that product) can leave a review of any product at all.

    The system's wide open to abuse. Competitors will denigrate, and equally vendors will arrange good reviews. There are even commercial services openly advertising "bulk favourable reviews". :p :rolleyes:
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    I was reading an IM report few days back and it outlined the very same way to get traffic to your site. All you have to do is add your link in your name and place your comment on related amazon products. So I guess people are commenting like spam to get traffic from amazon.
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    Well, before internet marketers started to (self)publish their valuable "opus" on Amazon... I don't remember seeing this kind of comments on real books by real authors/writers.

    I am not implying you are not a real one - just saying.

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    You're probably suffering the consequences of a genius' $7/27/47 "Get links from Amazon" e-course.
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    People will always find a way to sabotage the "system." Amazon needs to install a spam filter, maybe provide a captcha feature before a review will be posted.
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      Originally Posted by pmbrent View Post

      People will always find a way to sabotage the "system." Amazon needs to install a spam filter, maybe provide a captcha feature before a review will be posted.

      yes true im getting crazy from it.
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  • Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't noticed that, although there generally are some 'funny' reviews on many Amazon products. Definitely not something that's hit my (relatively small) product line yet.

    I guess one way to counteract it is to make sure there are appropriate reviews on all the products that you release. Amazon has an algorithm to work out which reviews to display, but they do border on the positive ones (as they do have a uterior motive for wanting products to sell).

    You can also leave responses (or comments) on the reviews that don't look good.

    If you're seeing the same comments repeatedly, then I think that must be the time to report these to Amazon. They're clearly spam. I'm sure Amazon must have started to notice this, and they will be working on ways around these kind of issues, but it definitely doesn't hurt to give them a helping hand.

    Definitely interested in reading further comments about this, and if anyone had had success in resolving spam comments on their Amazon products.


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