Did I Screw Up My Social Media Campaigns?

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So recently I moved from a gaming blog to one focused on building traffic online. I probably made a huge mistake while doing it as well. Although I kept the old domain for gaming and hired people to run the site for me, I moved my old social media accounts to the traffic site. So my twitter, youtube and facebook now all talk about building traffic online instead of killing pixels in world of warcraft.

I'm now starting to realize that I probably should have created new social media accounts and hired people to run the old ones for me.

Did I make a stupid decision? Should I have handled things differently? As it stands, I really haven't lost all that many subscribers, but except to lose about 15-40% when all is said and done from these social media accounts. Since the demographics are so different (young gamers vs older entrepreneurs) the fact is that I may lose far more over the course of the year.

There are ups and downs to this decision, so factor in the idea that I won't be starting from scratch when you weigh in with your own opinions.

Feedback appreciated everyone, have you gone through this sort of transition a little more smoothly than I myself?
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