[Pics + video] Bluetooth marketing - The Bum Method! Straight from my office window

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Ok so, there was a discussion going on about the wedding of William and Kate. And when I thought about it, it made sense to me to exploit such a massive event by Bluetooth marketing.

My suggestion was to set up several mobile BT station from which you send messages to all BT enabled phones.
To test this method I quickly came up with a proof of concept test that looks like this:

This is the technical part:
  • I used a HTC smart with BT Spammer installed.
  • Then I installed MyMobiler on my PC to control my phone with the PC.
  • Within BT Spammer I created a VC card (a contact cart) with my facebook address. The message the phone owner sees is 'From Mark: Hi connect with me on Facebook!'
  • I took my food strainer thingy and tied my phone to it. This acts as a directional antenna. Basically it channels all the searching power to one direction.
  • Then I took the strainer with the cellphone and mounted it onto my photography tripod.
  • I happen to live close to a busy crossroad so I have people in two lanes waiting for the red light all the time. (This is when I send them my message)
  • I opened my office window and setup the whole thing so that the antenna with my phone points to the crossroad.
  • Now I start the software and what happens next is in this video:

This small proof of concept allows me to send around 5 messages per minute. That is 300 per hour. Not bad huh?

Tomorrow is a celebratory day over here. We celebrate a dead queens birthday. Anyway, I will test a lot of things through out the day and get back with results right here.
So stay tuned!!
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