What do you think of my squeeze page?

by Sirius Lin 11 replies
Hi guys,

I just built a squeeze page. Quick, simple and to-the-point type. No fancy graphics and all that.

Here it is: Free Unrestricted Internet Marketing PLR Articles - Delivered to You Absolutely Free!

I'd love to hear your views on it. Font size? Title text content? Just speak out and I'm all ears.

~ Sirius
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    It looks ok I would make your header, or title stand out more. Grab their attention from the get go. Other than that good job.
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      I think your squeeze page looks good. It has all the parts to start testing with.

      If you run with that style for a bit and want to test out a couple of things, you could try, lightening up the gray in the optin form and putting a red border around the edge of the form. #cc000 is a good color red to go with like you have in your headling. Bright, but not too eye-watering.

      You could also try a header graphic, making the words a bit more stylized, but that would only be for a test once you have an idea on how your original converts.

      You could also consider making the links to the article samples be pages on your site instead of text files. The text file does not wrap lines so if you have a monitor like mine the linens just run on and on to the right.

      But those are all little things, your page looks great.

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        I like the page very much.

        My only constructive criticism is that I have to scroll.

        Personally with a squeeze page, I like everything above the fold.

        Just my thoughts,

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          Originally Posted by Jeff Henshaw View Post

          I like the page very much.

          My only constructive criticism is that I have to scroll.

          Personally with a squeeze page, I like everything above the fold.

          Just my thoughts,

          Jeff, I run my browser at about 125% zoom; it's easier on my middle-aged eyes. When I stepped down to 100%, the need to scroll disappeared.

          As someone suggested, you may want to put your sample articles on actual web pages. And use real URLs, rather than bit.ly links - many people don't trust them.

          Other than that, I'd agree with JMichealZ - it's time to start testing... Nice job!
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          If you'd like, send me a pm with your email and I'll email you a headline graphic that stands out. I tried to attach a sample but it won't let me upload anything.
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    Appreciate the feedback, Jay. I bumped up the size of the header text. Think it works better?

    Does the content grab you? After all, that's what a squeeze page is supposed to do

    ~ Sirius
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    Looks good!

    Laurie Neumann
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    I would try different colors and backgrounds.

    I have found even things as simple as this can have dramatic effects.

    shorter videos help too. I am getting great results with video and my sexy australian accent LOL!
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    Looks good Sirius... but the only way to tell is via TESTING. Some of my WORST looking Capture Pages pull 10 times better than the ones that I think will do well.

    Good start all you can do now is get traffic and TEST, TEST, TEST.

    Keep track of everything.

    # visitors to page, # sign ups to Capture Form and # of sales generated.

    Good Luck...

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      I'm thinking it looks really good!

      Precision beats power
      Timing beats speed

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