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Hello to all

We are using this company Domain name registration from 123-reg to buy a domain name ONLY in preperation of sorting out a web host with another company later on.

We selected a domain name that is available at 123-reg and added it to the basket and continued to purchase. Then we had options to add email to our domain name as an extra. This is the bit I am worried about. We will probably use the Servage host Servage Hosting in a months time, which offers you unlimited email and we will add our new domain name there and then.

By not selecting the option to have email extra at 123reg, does that instantly mean our new domain name wont have use of Email once its used on the Servage hosting?? Is this simply 123reg's way of selling you a host package along with the domain name which I do not need??

Appreciate a quick reply when you can please. We hope to sort this out ASAP before the domain name is taken.

Thanks in advance.
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    Lots of domain name registrars do that, trying to sell you eMail or hosting. If you don't need the eMail now and just want the domain, you don't need to pay extra for the eMail.

    Your future service provider can provide you with eMail, hosting, etc.

    Just make sure that the domain name registration is in your name, and not 123-reg's name. I don't know if any registrars still try to do that, but you never know. As long as you have full control over your domain name, you can add hosting, eMail, etc. later.

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      You can select the simple domain registration
      without any add on service, and when you buy
      separate hosting and activate your domain with
      the hosting service you will be able to use all the
      services and features of your hosting plan.

      So do not worry about not being able to use emails
      in the future.


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        To: Dan & Gian

        Many thanks for your replies.

        I feel a bit silly getting stumped at the first hurdle as I am sure there will be higher hurdles ahead!!!

        Thanks again
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