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is it possible to re arange the order of your posts? like i want to add a new one but i want it not to be the top one? thanks
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    One quick way would be to change the date on the posts.

    The one with the newer date will show first.

    You can do this in the posts section. Just mouse-over the post you want to move up and click "quick edit". Change the date to be newer than the one above and it will move up (and vice-versa)

    This is okay for a one or two -- clearly a pain for many posts.

    By the way, WHEN you create a post you can set the post date too.

    Mark "Drez" Dresner
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    ^^ that's one way.

    You have the possibility (when you become familiar with the tool you have in your hands) to make a post "sticky" = will stay on the top. That's what you want?

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    The simple way to do is make your post sticky....
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    thank you this helped alot. i am new to this whole IM thing and wordpress. i love this site, i have learned many things on this.
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