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Hello fellow warriors,

Here's the scoop:

I have a site that is creating content about the "hang-ups" and "small stuff" that Internet marketers get frustrated with for whatever reason - we feel we don't have enough info about it or just don't understand completely about how it works. This is where many entrepreneurs throw in the towel...they don't know where to find the answer.

Trust me, I've been there a million times! I've been frozen in my tracks when I was trying to figure out some of this Internet marketing stuff when I was brand new. It's hard to figure out each piece...

So, I wanted to have a category on my site about other Internet Marketers and what some of their major hang-ups were to share with my subscribers.

What those hang-ups were, what they did to over come them, what worked and what didn't...

Here's my proposition:

I'll interview you...(short) 15 minutes or so...

- what was your biggest, most frustrating hang-up that you had that stopped you from moving forward

- what did you do that didn't work

- what did you do that did work

- And, promote whatever product or service you want at the end of the call

The recordings will be turned into podcasts on my site and you will have free exposure of your product or service, in addition, you'll be helping others in realizing they're not alone by any means. We've all been there.

Anyone interested can contact me at:
Contact Us

You may want to come up with a couple so I'm not duplicating a certain hang-up.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro...we all have hurdles that we can't seem to jump over until we figure it out with the help of someone that knows.

Thanks so much!

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