Need To Find Ways Monetizing My Football Site (13000 Absolute Uniques but only $10+/month??)

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Hey Fellow Warriors

I run a football site with 13000+ Absolute Unique Visitors per month. So far what I have done is

  • Put Adsense Ads above the fold, blended with my site's text and background so it looks natural
  • Put an opt in box above the fold
  • Placed a banner on the sidebar advertizing a "Satellite Direct" affiliate product

But the results so far:

Around $10 in adsense clicks per month
Only ONE affiliate sale in a few months and 5 hops/day
A list of only 250 subscribers with open rate of 15%

Am I doing something wrong? Would love to hear fellow Warrior's opinions!
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    PM me a link, I will take look. Sometimes somebody else looking at it from a different point of view is all you need to iron out a few problems. 15% is better than I get on my IM list but not as good as my diabetic list.

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    PM me a link also if you don't mind.
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    If banner ads are your only source of revenue than a low income ratio should be expected. Every website someone goes to they're bombarded with ads, so eventually peoples eyes just ignore them. You have a small list but try signing up for affiliate products related to your website and submit them to your list.
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