I have to see your opnion about this one.

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Dear Warriors ,

I'm using traffic-exchange sites to get traffic to my site,
but that's not the point of this post.
During my daily surfing with those traffic-exchange site , I see lot of sale's pages.
Because I have to wait 20 seconds until I will be able to go to the next one,
I usually take a look of the page.

In lot of those pages I see:
"Hurry , only 7 places left!",
"You have 25 minutes to purchase it in order to get it in half of price"

not exactly those sentences - but you got the idea.

TO be honest , those sentences are just "tricks" to make the visitor to pay.
When you see sentence like this the visitor is under-pressure and he probably will do something he will regret later.

Isn't is a sort of a "scam"?
I know that at least 50% of the marketers use those techniques because they work but they lie to their visitors , they deceive them - no?

Really want to see what you have to say about it , as marketers and as people that purchase something from sites with sentences like those.
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    it's a way of creating urgency......

    but if you see that page day after day on a TE, it starts looking funny.....

    some actually have scripts in place that do raise the price on the next visit.
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    Some are a scam and some are legit. Using urgency is a powerful motivator in sales. But there should be a real and believable reason for the urgency and thats where alot of people get it wrong. Just using scripts to trick people will work in some markets for at least some period of time. However, if you have a real presence in a market and have repeat buyers using fake urgency will just make you look like an idiot.

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      If done properly, these sort of tactics still work for many markets, yes even the IM one.

      They are so prevalent in many forms of media advertising that I can't see them ever disappearing. Evolving though, certainly.

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    I think the proper word (correct me if I am wrong) is scarcity. Scarcity is a very effective call to action as it implies that if you snooze you lose. You will see this in ad copy on infomercials as well as commercials. And yes...it is effective.
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