Solo ads - Can someone explains how they work?

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I would be grateful if someone could explain to me exactly how solo ads work? I have seen them advertised on WF joint venture and I believe that is a good way to build a subscriber list

Thanks for your replies.
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    Elow there...

    Solo ads as i know is about ur pay for advertising on someone else list...

    How much it can helps u?


    Becoz in my opinion list only will buy a product after get tips... What i mean is u must include 9+1

    9 Tips
    1 Promotions

    Im suggest u promote ur free product to build list Not promote a product with solo ads..
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    First you need your own landing page, or if you are promoting a product...then your own affiliate link.

    You need to write your own ad copy. Ad copy is what customers will see in their inbox. Good ad copy is critical, if you want to succeed with solo ads. You can't just write, Hi, i'm John and my offer is super cool. Check it need it. It doesn't work!

    How they work? You buy solo ad...give them your ad copy + killer headline and they will send your email ad out to X amount of people. If someone opens this email and make money.

    Also, before you are buying solo ads...ask from where all subscribers are came from. Why? Because subscribers only from free offers are no good if you want to promote something more expensive. Previous customers for example are gold mine. They spent money before and will do it again in future. My best solo ad here in WF earned me almost $12k and it cost me $60. List was 50:50. Half subscribers from free offers and half paid customers.

    So take your time with solo ads...find out exactly what kind of list it is etc. Personally i would stay away from freebie seekers. They never buy anything and you end up spending more money.


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