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Hi, can someone clarify a query please? I searched but a definitive answer is not available.

Can you use the word 'google' in a domain name? For instance:




etc, etc. I have a keyword which has the word 'google' in it.

There's a certain amount of paranoia about what BIG G can or cannot do to you and I'm sure most of the stories about punishment is fiction. Having said all that... I don't want to take the risk and piss 'em off!

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    I think it's OK to use the word google in a domain name. inurl:"google" - Google Search

    You can find several websites that do it. I doubt that "Big G" has sued them all.
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      No,I would not put and trademark name in a domain name period.


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      Let me show you some facts that why Google forced some others site owners to change their domain name or they get penalties and risk criminal prosecution under 18 U.S.C 2319. First time offenders of criminal felony copyright law will face up to five years in federal prison, restitution, forfeiture and fine.

      this domain are forced to change their domain and be

      this domain are also forced to change their domain to are also forced to be

      ...And much more.

      The advice that I want you to take is "Stay away from any trademark name in your domain; if you put a trademark in your domain name you really will have trouble and will be so frustrated when you spend a lot of time and money creating your credibility"

      Thank you so much, I think this will help you in someway or another
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    Of course you can but it's asking for trouble.
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    • Originally Posted by lucky777 View Post

      Of course you can but it's asking for trouble.
      Yes, I would avoid this at all costs.
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    Hello Sal, if you put "Google" or any other trade mark in the domain name, there is a big risk that that company will hunt you down for it. It works like this, if you put "Facebook" in your domain, than it is natural that you will get some good organic traffic just because you are sharing a popular name. And if you are making profit out of that name, the party won't like it.

    Just like any other trade marks or giant companies, google are very concerned about their name, as practically they own the internet. If you make a site that is somehow relevant to that site, such as google and you are simply promoting google, then it is okay at some levels, but different companies have different policies. Some companies may send you a notice right away and maybe some will just never mind.

    But what I personally recommend is that you should not put a word in domain that is a trademark of someone else, as it always has that risk. Because you may have to lose everything after putting so much work in it.
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    I think it is ok to use such names if you are looking for quick and temporary profit.

    Ofcourse once you have a good standing in the market then you will be in trouble with that name. But I have seen a lot of domain names with high rankings in google, page rank as well.

    If you are planning for a solid business then it is not recomended.
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    The word Google is actually a proprietary name derived from the word Googol, which is an extremely large number. (A 1 followed by 100 zeroes.)

    Because it is a made-up proprietary name a person cannot hope to win a lawsuit to be able to use it for commercial purposes. You can, however, use Googol.... Not an attorney on the planet that could stop you.
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    You can register them but if you get popular they will force you to change domain name.
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    Do NOT put any trademark if you want to avoid trouble.
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    It's not recommended at all, even if you're planning to close it down after some quick profit; although Google might not hunt you down, it doesn't look good for your record, if you know what I'm saying. Google is very cautious about their brand name, and has registered thousands of silly domains which seem to threaten their brand! So it is better to look for another source of profit

    Of course, I am now not going forward with this project and will focus on other keywords. There is too much at stake to battle with the Mothership...
    Yup, that's a real good decision.

    Plus, I'm a lover (of money), man, not a fighter!
    There's nothing wrong in being a fighter as well! Just make sure that you're fighting on the right side and don't allow your competition to take advantage of you through a tiny loophole!
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