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Hey all,
I have a friend you has just started an online business which sells a particular motorbike accessory that connects bike pants to bike jackets. This is accaully a major problem for bikers. I was just wondering what your thoughts on for getting them more sales from their website. The website it self is beautiful and they have attended 2 expos so far. I am interested in setting up a seo campaign for them to see how that runs and see if we could get them any improvements.
One of the main problems i sense is that they are only able to sell to the irish market which is quite small at the moment. If you have any ideas on how to expand that that would help but they haven't got a huge amount of money to through around anymore.

Some ideas i was thinking would be an seo campaign or getting them a forum account and hiring someone on fiverr to do a ton of posting on a bikers forum site and put a link in there sig.

whats your thoughts any suggestions are very much appreciated!
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    I recommend contacting offline and online Irish Motorbike shops and setting up JV's with them. Offer them a generous share of the profits for every item they sell. Go above and beyond what others are offering them

    Posting on biker forums would probably get you traffic but you won't be talking the right group of people unless it's an Irish biker forum.

    Are there any Irish biker clubs? I would contact them too, I'm sure they have websites and probably forums. They probably meet up regularly too.

    You really need to get laser focused.

    I hope this helps.
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    Yeah I would start finding any Irish forums or chat rooms where Irish bikers get together, even go as deep as Irish biker wives.

    I would definitely start local, but start to dig deep and get into the Irish Biker Community finding any websites for popular bars in other cities. Ask around what places, shops, restaurants, bars, events, that Irish bikers go to, so you can find out what websites they may go to.

    While obtaining this information you can gather keywords for your seo campaign, be sure to do e-mail marketing, this list would be very profitable.

    It is a good thing that there are not many Irish bikers, this will give you extremely high conversions, and less competition. Remember to take a lot of notes, all of these notes will be golden keywords, pay attention to the lingo you here. It will be a lot of work at first but once you get the ball rolling and especially build a list (most important). Money will start coming in consistently.
    Don't try to find a shortcut, when you don't even know where your going.

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