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Hey Guys, im interested to see how Google SearchWiki works and how it effects a sites rankings in the search engine.

I did a search for "warrior forum" in Google and obviously warrior forum came up number 1. I went to the little comment icon near the first search result and left a comment for the public.

I just want to know if you guys can see my comment in the serps. If so, could you also leave a comment, I want to see if it replaces my comment or adds to the comment i already left and actually enlarges the area of the first result by shifting the rest of the results down. Increasing the results presence will increase the CTR.

I think this is going to play a huge part in SEO in the near future. Some gurus are already saying that SEO is on its last legs and that personalised search results will be the new things. I am shit scared about this because its the unknown. Think many SEO's are.

Its weird to think that everyones search results will be different when searching the same key phrase.

Its stupid to think that Google wouldnt be using these positive and negative comments to determine a pages rank. They say they arnt at the moment but surely they will be soon.

Also with the choice to promote or demote sites from the search results using the up and down arrow icons near each search result. If a site was demoted out the search results of a key search phrase a few thousand times im sure google will look at this and determine the site needs to be ranked lower in the serps and vice versa for promoted sites.

But then again, these searchwiki factors can be manipulated and spammed even easier than obtaining blackhat backlinks. Since this is the case, I dont see much use in searchwiki.

So easy to leave negative comments on your competitions search results which could manipulate a searchers decision to visit their site or do business with them.

What do you guys think?

And dont forget to do the "warrior forum" search in google to comment.

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