Do I really need 1shopping cart if I have amember?

by Ken Troyer 2 replies
A few questions....

First a few important facts.

I'm using amember w/Joomla for a membership site. I do NOT want to use PayPal as my ONLY merchant account, so I was planning on opening an account...and I THOUGHT that I would also purchase 1shoppingcart, but then I asked myself "why?".

And yes, I want to run my own affiliate program.

1.) My question is, must I have a shopping cart to use

2.) Or can amember handle all this? If yes, how?

3.) Also, do you know who 1shoppingcart uses for their merchant account here: Inexpensive Visa & Mastercard Internet Merchant Accounts. Accept Major Credit Cards Today. 99% Approval Rate. Get Yours Today!

4.) Finally, is 1shoppingcart sufficient enough to manage my affiliate program?

I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this.

Thanks for the help.

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    1. You don't have to have 1SC to use

    2. I'm not sure, I don't use aMember. I would contact their support.

    3. You can set up any merchant account to link to your 1SC account.

    4. I have over 800 affiliates in my 1SC account and it's running stable.

    Ken, for some additional help... The best way to understand the process is...

    Step 1 : Customer hits your website

    Step 2 : Customer decides to purchase your product

    Step 3 : They process their info with your 1SC form

    Step 4 : 1SC talks to your payment gateway (which is

    Step 5 : then talks to your merchant account (which you set up)

    Step 6 : Your merchant account will take the funds from the customer

    Step 7 : The order is then tracked in 1SC and also logged in

    If you would like to visually see how this process happens...

    You can go here...

    http: //
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