what is the fastest way to make 15$ today?

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hi all
i wonder, if you needed 15 in your paypal account right now, what would you do ?
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    publish someones article on any one of my blogs
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    *Fastest* way?

    - Not necessarily that I would do *this*, but I suppose you could beg.
    - Or, gamble online. Play poker and go all-in on $15. You might win, or you might lose it.
    - Recycle your beer cans/etc for $15.
    - Ask your mom & dad (If you are living at home).
    - Borrow it from a friend.
    - Make a bet with a friend and win it. ($15).
    - Work one hour in an 'average' paying job.
    - Mow someone's lawn/shovel snow on someone's driveway for $15.

    Those are a few 'quick' ways. Sustainable? Not necessarily (except maybe for the last one). But for a quick $15 those are some methods.


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    Find something in your house you don't use, but would be useful to others. List a one day auction on eBay with a buy it now of $20 (assuming that it is worthy of a $20 price tag). After ebay and paypal fees you will probably have about $17 - $17.50 in profit.

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    Offer to write articles on a WSO - that way it could be set up quickly and have it up and running in no time
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