Has anyone use Facebook Ads Coupon??

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Hi everyone!
We all know that now FB is the best place to put our ads on.Because I don't have much money so I decide to buy a Facebook ads coupon to advertise my website on FB.
So I want to know that when I create my ads, then redeem my coupon code.Facebook will charge money from what first?My coupon or my paypal?
And because of their TOS, they say one coupon per account and this account must be a new account within 15 days of creation
So if I want to use more than 1 coupon, could I make a new account then make that account as admin then start the same progress with my first account?
Thanks for help!!
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    I would advise against opening new accounts to launch advertising campaigns, you will be at risk of them closing your account and banning your PayPal account / credit card. - YES, I'm talking from experience.

    Now, if you use the coupon they will charge the coupon first and then your PayPal account.

    They work like a charm and definitely worth the initial small investment.

    Hope this helps, all the best
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    Thanks but Facebook doesn't allow an old account to use coupon!
    So I shouldn't open a new account means I shouldn't use coupon code?
    Any idea?
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    is Keep opening new account and use coupon against Facebook TOS????
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