If you were starting over, with $1000 to invest...

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This is one of my favourite questions for all Internet Marketers and that is...

"If you started again, from SCRATCH with $1,000 in the bank what would you do and how would you do it?"

So I'm talking about what methods and techniques would you use, what niches you would go into, would you use Social Media, WSO's, webinars, Boot Camp's, the whole lot... What would you do differently if started again from a fresh with what you know now.

How would you get to where you are now, FASTER, BETTER and do include your MUST DO's and DON'Ts?

Let's goo... Let me hear it people, share the love
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    I would start right away in the paid arena by sending people to a squeeze page to capture their infos and build a list....In my opinion this is the best way to start if you have a budget....
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