Is it possible to test ClickBank like this...?

by bless
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There has been a lot of talk about Clickbank having trouble with their tracking in the last few days, and a lot of affiliates are worried that they are losing legitimate sales due to these issues.

Inside my Clickbank account the text now says that ClickBank is back to "Normal Operation", so I tried the following to see if their tracking is working:

I clicked the cloaked CB affiliate link on my blog and thereafter clicked the "Order Now" button as well. I did this "double whammy" 3 times in a row,
but these clicks do NOT show up in my CB account yet. It's been 10 mins or so.

Is it possible to test CB tracking this way, or am I doing something wrong?

Shouldn't these clicks be visible in my CB account? And isn't CB supposed to track in real time?

Please help me you CB experts out there!
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    I'm almost tempted to even make a test purchase of the CB product I'm promoting, to see if I get credit. I won't do it, but I AM tempted...
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    Originally Posted by bless View Post

    isn't CB supposed to track in real time?
    I can't remember, to be honest, but even if they're "supposed" to track in real time I don't believe they really do.

    Originally Posted by bless View Post

    Please help me you CB experts out there!
    On this subject there are no "CB experts" because Clickbank don't and won't give out realistic, reliable information, won't discuss it adequately with people, and will almost never say anything which could possibly be interpreted as an admission that all isn't well. As a result, one is inevitably dealing with theory rather than fact.

    They're shooting themselves in the foot with their attitude and behavior over customer service. The reality is that people would be far more understanding, tolerant, sensitive and reasonable in their attitudes to Clickbank if Clickbank discussed their occasional difficulties more openly.

    In a way, I feel sorry for Clickbank when people start off threads here maintaining that Clickbank are stealing their commissions (I'm not suggesting that you're saying that, of course). I don't for a moment imagine that Clickbank is stealing anyone's commissions, or "skimming" anything, and I never have thought that, and I've sometimes defended them robustly when people have alleged that. I do, however, think that their affiliate tracking (among other things) sometimes screws up, and that vendors sometimes get the affiliate's cut as well as their own.

    I remember many instances, in this forum, of Clickbank vendors who don't promote or sell their own products at all commenting that paying 75% commission costs them about 60% or so overall, rather than 75%, because the affiliates aren't always getting their cut.

    I really don't think Clickbank is stealing anything from anyone, but I do understand why some people suspect that.

    I wish you (and others currently affected) good luck in the resolution of the present difficulties there.
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    I'm almost positive that clickbank doesn't track in real time, unless they've recently changed something. I think it's even up to several hours behind real time.

    edit - by the way I totally agree with Alexa on Clickbank's lack of communications.
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      I've had zero CB sales in the past 6 days - statistically improbable (nigh impossible).

      I submitted a ticket yesterday. Today I got a response that everything looked like it was working. They said it was recording order page submissions (it had zeros for the past 6 days).

      Shortly after this I did a test purchase of the main product I promote using one of my links. I recorded it using Camtasia, just in case. The purchase showed immediately on my account. Amazingly, now all of the new order form submits also show.

      I suspect they "fixed" something when they "looked" at my account.

      This isn't the first time I've had issues with this account.

      This vendor started doing affiliate hijacking back in November by replacing his sales page with a pure squeeze page with his own links in the emails. When I called him on it he set up a custom page for me. All good, right? Well, not quite. Today as I went through the sales process I discovered a pretty significant upsell with affiliate=none. Ethically there's nothing wrong with this as long as we're told up front. I'm just tired of his games.

      There is a positive side to all of this:

      Yesterday I started creating my own product to sell in place of the one I've been promoting. This one site has grown to the point that I'd rather have it all under my control, and I don't like having to rely on his honesty or ClickBank's software.
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        Thanks a lot for the replies! I have one more question and it's this: I've had 2 "Order Form Submit Counts" in the last 2 days, but no sales. Does anyone know the "Order Form Submit Count" to sale ratio? (I haven't promoted CB in years, so I have no clue...)

        (Any estimate will be helpful for me and will be better than no estimate!)

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