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What are some Flippa alternatives?

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      You can also sell on eBay, but 9 times out of 10, you won't get nearly the kind of price you could get on Flippa. That's because more serious website buyers spend time on Flippa, and the ones on eBay are mostly newbies who want a steep bargain and don't know how to properly value a site.

      As I recall, the last time I was over on Digital Point, I think there was a place for selling websites there, and I also think you can do it on NamePros (it's been a while since I've been to either place, though, so things could have changed).
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        I had the same thought a while back. Flippa has some limitations. Here is a list I cobbled together from similar posts. In no particular order.

        Good hunting.

        1. Flippa
        2. Daltons Business
        3. Buy Sell Website.
        4. Quiet Light
        5. I Merge Advisors (aka eBizBrokers)
        6. Experienced People Forums
        7. BizSale.co.uk.
        8. Website Properties
        9. Webmaster Talk Forum
        10. Website For Sale Ads
        11. Businesses for Sale.com
        12. Website Broker.com
        13. Irish Webmaster
        14. Digital Point
        15. BizBuySell
        16. Business Mart
        17. Business Broker.net
        18. Webmasters Marketplace.com
        19. Tidget.com
        20. Global BX
        21. Right Biz.co.uk
        22. The Warrior Forum
        23. Website Slate
        24. Search Forecast

        25. Deal A Site
        26. Business Sale Report (UK)
        27. Namepros Forum
        28. Affiliates 4U
        29. Websites for Sale World
        30. Daniweb
        31. Website Acquire
        32. DN Forum
        33. Business Trader (AU)
        34. Ebay
        35. Ready Site Sale
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    Which is the best site to sell autoblogs for cheap rates?
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    eBay and digital point forums were good places to buy and sell websites. It's true that most of your serious buyers and sellers are on flippa now. There are alternatives. The key has always been, and will always be, finding the right buyer. You need to find the right outlet for you to do that. Of course, cost vs exposure are of the highest concern.
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  • For domains, sedo and godaddy, and for websites, forums like digital point forums and warrior forums.
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      I like TemTer.Com, especially for the $1 No Reserve names. Fees are $1. Good deals to be had.
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