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Hi Everyone,

I'm always surprised there's not a email marketing section on the Warrior Forum, so I'm posting my questions here in the main forum.

I am about to set up an auto responder series and would like to know how often you (those with reactive lists):

Email your subscribers
Do you do this weekly, monthly or even daily?

Sell to your list
What formula do you have in place - do you sell every third email or seventh?

Please note my subscrubers would not be in the make money online niche as I know this is a different ball game altogether. They would be in the music niche.

I look forward to reading your responses.

Many thanks,

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    I go for content, content, content, sales, content, sales, content and then from there I just mix it up. I think to some extent your best chance to make a sale with your email list is in the first two weeks they are on your list, so hit them as much as you can during that time. There is the long term thought process too which says build a relationship, get them to like you and then hit em. It's a personal choice really and I think in the long run it's all the same.
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      The ideal frequency to e-mail your list will mainly depend
      upon your target market and your current skill level at
      writing effective e-mails.

      Regarding selling to your list, I now recommend giving
      some great content and making a related offer in every

      When subscribers first join your list many of them are at
      their hottest and ready to consume and some may even buy
      your material... if you make them an offer.

      If you focus on giving just content e-mails in the initial
      weeks, you can inadvertently condition your list to NOT
      buy and just expect stuff for free.

      However, don't go for the hard sell or you could burn out
      your list long-term.

      Instead, go for a soft-sell in most e-mails and then the
      people who want to buy can do so.

      So, in your case with the music niche, you can give them
      a partial lesson in the e-mail together with an offer that
      completes their growth. E.g. give them the first few bars
      but make an offer for them to buy the whole score.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Sam, we e-mail every two weeks and sell in each of them. Of course I'm in retail so it's a bit different of a ballgame than many in here. We're in the music business too and mostly offer new product but also tips and industry news, etc. Our subscriber base is large. Like the websites, content is king when it comes to these e-mails.


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    I think this is something you need to play around with a bit.Certainly you should be looking to email once a week with good content.
    Sell on the third email.
    You may if you have enough content go for two emails a week but it really depends how responsive your list is. This will mean you can sell twice a month which is ideal.
    Watch for people unsubscribing, this is a good indicator that you are sending too many emails or the content is weak.
    There are no hard and fast rules just go with what works.
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    I put soft sell offers in most emails, about an email a week, give the free gift but also do a soft sell
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    Thanks, I think selling in the first two weeks the way Shaun OReilly suggested sounds like the best idea. Gonna set something up like: two emails in the first two weeks & then emails once a week all with a soft sell.

    I ask as I have generated a list in the past but it seemed pretty responsive compared to the "$1 per subscriber per month" the gurus tell us.

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      I'd hit them straight away with an offer to see if they are buyers and then migrate them onto a seperate buyers list once they are proven to buy. Then I would give these subscribers all the gold and best content. Really look after these on the buyers list and probably only offer offers every week but every other day have the best content ever. Really look after them.. Maybe have a weekly offer for them. Keep to the same day so you condition them to buy on this day..

      Constantly work on the other list to get them to convert into buyers. Be aggressive!!! If they unsubscribe then so be it. They probably wouldn't buy in the first place.

      Better having a buyers list than a freebie list...
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    Sam, before I give you my answer, I have to give you my spin on the word 'offer' as used in this context.

    When I set up an email series, I consider an offer to be a link to something outside the reader's email box, along with my take on the benefit to the reader of clicking that link. The destination of that link does not have to be a commercial offer.

    With that in mind...

    The frequency varies depending on the content I plan to present. If the initial content is an e-course, with steps that take a certain amount of time to complete, the course is set up to allow that interval between steps. So you might get emails on days 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, etc. Once the course part is over, I generally send about once a week with the occasional solo shot mixed in.

    With my definition above in mind, I put some kind of offer in every single email. It could be a link to a blog post or video. It could be a free download or resource. Sometimes it's just a reminder of an offer made previously, especially if that offer has a time limit.

    I want people to get in the habit of clicking my links with the expectation of something worth their time on the other side of the click.

    As you build some history with your own list(s), you'll learn the patterns that work for you in that market.
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