The Weird Truth About Time Management...

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Knowing how to manage your time is great, if it was possible. Here's what I mean...

It's literally impossible to "manage time." You simply cannot do it.

You can, however, manage yourself.

I realize this might appear trivial at first blush, but really think about it for a second.

Can you ever really manage time? Doesn't time pass regardless if you "manage" it or not?

So what can we do instead?

Well, in short -- we need to learn how to master our own emotions, develop our focus, and start investing our energy in the highest ROI activities.

Mastering Your Emotions:

The funny thing about emotions is this: they're just emotions...and, there's nothing to master.

They're sensations in the body that we as humans love to give a lot of meaning to, when in fact they aren't that important.

Emotions by themselves aren't bad. Not at all...

It's when we judge ourselves for having emotions - that's when we really get in trouble.

Or when we analyze each and every move that we make - further perpetuating the cycle of negative emotions, keeping us stuck, and distracting us from what's really important.

Here's what I've learned about emotions in the past few years: allow them to be.

Give them space and they will dissolve. Don't try to get rid of them or try to understand them...just let them be. You will feel instantly relieved and free.

Weirded out yet?? ......Good.

Developing Your Focus:

Here's the cold hard reality about time management -- if you can't focus, you're sabotaging everything you do. Here's why...

As much as you feel like you're accomplishing more from multi-tasking, "putting out the fires," and jumping from task to're not.

Multi-tasking gives the facade that you're actually doing something meaningful...just because you are busy.

Here's the reality: most things just aren't that important!

Instead of burning your time on things that are literally getting you nowhere, start becoming aware of what is truly important -- in both your business and your life. Then find a way to do these things EACH DAY!

They need to become habits, or you will never consistently do them. I forget who said it, but I love this quote: "If it's not a habit, you don't have it."

Finally, get in the habit of getting rid of distractions when you are in "work mode." Turn off your phone, turn off the TV, log off of Facebook....everything.

Now, set a timer for 1 hour and focus all your energy on ONE thing. When the timer goes off, take a 10 minute break. Get some water, a small meal if you're hungry, and do 20 pushups.

Investing Our Energy In The Highest ROI Activities:

Warren Buffett, perhaps the world's greatest investor of all time believes that there's one thing to look for in any investment that's more important than anything else...

Any guesses?

I was at the Berkshire Hathaway (his company) shareholder's meetings for the past 3 years and Mr. Buffett continually talks about this 1 thing...

Opportunity Cost.

Opportunity cost is the cost of doing one thing, when you could be doing something else that's more valuable.

For him, it's investing his money in better investment vehicles.

For us, it's knowing where to put our own energy, money, and time.

The best way to do this is to simply ask yourself, "what one or two things, if done daily would help grow my business more than anything else?"

Do this with each area of your life: business, relationships, & health.

Now, commit to doing those 1 or 2 things each and every day.

It doesn't need to be something that takes up a lot of your time either. Get away from thinking that the more time something takes you the more valuable it is...that's simply not true.

For example, if you have a spouse or boyfriend/ about this...

Each and every day you take 30 seconds out of your day to stare them right in the eyes, tell them you love them, and then give them a kiss or hug -- and of course do it with passion!!

Just some food for thought...

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    In case anyone is wondering...

    The best book I've ever read which goes into a ton of detail about this is Steven Covey's "First Things First."

    Simply put, it's amazing. Get it and use it
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    Prophet, this is a great post that reminds us of the importance of setting goals and using our time to the greatest effect. It's important to realize that some of us do have to be flexible with our time, we have to be focused on our schedules so that we are not neglecting one thing over the other. For example, I have 2 young kids at home full time with me, so my IM gets put on the back burner until after they go to bed. I am innately focused on my tasks when they go to bed and I am super productive. My H doesn't see too much of me but that's the price I gotta pay ya know?
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    That sounds like a lot of hard work.

    I prefer just to stick to a few things I am passionate about and then do as much of them as possible - simple.

    Life is a journey not a project with a fixed outcome.

    nothing to see here.

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    What if we can get a multitude of people to manage those highest ROI Activities for us and leave us with FREE TIME?
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    If I had the money to, I would outsource everything, but then how would I ever learn anything? It's all a big Catch 22. No time or no learning? What a dilemma to have huh?
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      Originally Posted by Charlotte Jay View Post

      If I had the money to, I would outsource everything, but then how would I ever learn anything? It's all a big Catch 22. No time or no learning? What a dilemma to have huh?
      I would focus on doing something that works, and then become good at it. Make sure that it is something scalable though. Once you are generating an income from it, outsource it. Try it with 1, than 2, than 3. This could be a service, product or whatever. Most things can be scaled. Try to become an expert in that one thing. Once you do your life will become much easier.

      Some of the biggest problems I have always had is having too many ideas and not enough time to do them all. In this case it is definitely, "if you try to master everything you will be the master of nothing." Or something to that affect.

      You have to find that healthy balance of learning and earning. If not you will pull your hair out.
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        This is a really great post - thank you. Your comments about emotions are spot on,with the added benefit that it helps you live in the present rather than the past too. Same for the concept of opportunity cost too - you have to figure out what will give you the biggest ROI and then make sure you focus on that rather than all the little urgent things. One final thought:
        Urgent = bad things happen if you dont do something
        Important = good things happen if you do do something.
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    Great post!
    I used to do the multi-task thing and I try to keep it to a minimum now. It doesn't actually work :-)
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