How Do I Sell My Sites?

by kah22
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So where do I begin? The beginning I suppose.

A number of years back a creative writers group to which I belonged decided to host a creative writing contest, shortly before that I had just finished a short 'build a website' course at my local evening college anyway I suggested we run the competition on line, designed and built the website, with a little input from my tutor. That was my beginning into the world of websites. (I was rather proud of myself, I live in Ireland and we had competitors from all over the place - the runner up came from Canada.)

When the contest ended the site lay dormant for some months then I thought I'd try and make it into a regular writers website and to be honest it proved quite popular, the few adsense blocks I had up there paid for the hosting etc and even paid Christmas for me!

Anyway the excitement got to me and I decided to branch out and make a few more websites. I suppose I was overcome by all this 'make a killing online,' hype that I was coming across. Again the results weren't great but paid their way. About a eighteen months back personal matters dictated that I spend less time on what was really a hobby and the sites went by the wayside. I'm now thinking of selling them all except the original creative writing site but don't know how to go about it, I don't even know how to value them and if indeed they have any value. Can you advise. I've tried to work up enthusiasm for them again but just cant manage it

As this is not a direct sales pitch I'll post the address to one of the sites Babies Worldwide and just say that the rest of them are of a smilar standard and I accept that may not be very high. The main thing the sites have in common is that they all, with one exception, end with the '' tag and I'm thinking that a series of sites with that tag might in itself be worth something

I've read about site flipping, which I understand means building up a site getting traffic and selling it on and I suppose that's what I'm trying to do. Anyway hope I can get some ideas as to where I should go next.

Many thanks for any advice offered
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    Hi Kevin!

    I would suggest you first spend some time on Flippa to get the idea how sites are being sold.

    Then write the sales letter, see how other successful sellers are writing them. In your sales letter incude everything about your website - the history, earnings, traffic, content, potential, keyword rankings and why should anyone buy it.

    Then make screenshots/videos of website earnings and traffic, as far back as possible. Posting a verified Analytics account is also very important to Flippa buyers.

    Now, list the website. Make sure you set the reserve price at the minimum you want to sell it for.

    As for duration of the listing... if you set it to 30 days, don't expect serious bids to roll in until the end (set it to 14-10 days, or lower the duration after you get a few bids in the beginning).

    If the website sells for more than a few hundred dollars, make the transaction through Escrow.

    If you don't want to or don't know how to transfer the website, mention that in the listing. Also, don't forget to mention where you registered the domain name.

    I think that's about it.
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    Flippa is definitely the biggest marketplace out there, but don't forget you have a really great resource right here on the Warrior Forum as well. There is a section dedicated to just that. You may also want to check out DigitalPoint Forums for their website for sale section as well. Good luck!
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    Warrior Forum is a great place to sell it. (In the right forum)
    Also Flippa.

    Read around Flippa and see how it works, they provide some resources will are pretty helpful. When you sign up they also send you an eBook on how to Flip sites I believe?

    If you want to learn more about flipping look here-

    Posted that question awhile back when I was somewhat interested in knowing about flipping.
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      Many thanks guys, have an idea what needs doing.

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    Your site is definitely worth money. With a quick look I see you have the following assets.
    1.) Pagerank
    2.) Unique content

    If you are getting decent visitors and have revenue, I suspect you've got a site worth something in the four figure range.
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    I don't recommend Flippa I spent $80 on my listing with upgrades and got a bunch of low ballers and the site didn't sell, now I'm out $80
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    yeah flippa is not a place I would recommend either...I have had a total of 29 visits to my 30 day listing and there is 3 days left. The domain I'm selling there is a pretty nice name, and well yeah flippa got the best of me here. never flippa least for a domain name.
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