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Hey Gang,

Here are two "less obvious" quick tips to help avoid getting the dreaded you've been 'banned' email from Ezinearticles. These tips assume you submit to more than one article directory. If you only submit to Ezinearticles this post may not be useful to you.

1. Always submit your articles to Ezinearticles FIRST. Since they are the "Google" of the article directories, its very important to submit to them first.

Heres why....lets say for example you submit your articles to Buzzle, Article Dashboard,SearchWarp,Ideamarketers etc...before you submit to Ezinearticles.

What happens is when your articles go into 'pending review' at Ezinearticles they'll run a check to basically make sure that you've submitted original content.

The problem arises when they come across a duplicate copy of the same article at one or more of the other directories. If that happens, in most cases you'll get an email from them
banning you from further submissions.

Now, this can actually be remedied if you can send them proof that the articles are in fact original content authored by you. A good idea would be to do a screen capture of the articles showing your name. But to avoid the hassle altogether submit to Ezinearticles first.


Isnare tip >>>

Okay, i'm a big fan of ISnare so this is a tip that will prove useful to you if you use or decide to use them for article syndication.

Just like Ezinearticles when you submit articles to ISnare they will also go into pending review status. They'll run a check to make sure the content submitted is original.

BUT, when they come back with duplicates of the same articles (remember Ezinearticles) they'll send you an email notifying you that your articles were not distributed. Which is really a drag especially considering that they take at least four days on average before they even start syndicating your content.

So heres how you avoid that potential problem.....simply type in ALL CAPS at the bottom of EACH article "THIS ARTICLE HAS ALSO BEEN POSTED AT _______,_______&_______.The blanks represent each article directory & the url where the article resides.

When they review the articles they'll see this at the bottom of each article and distribute it, assuming theres nothing else wrong with the submission.

And don't worry they'll remove the note before distributing.

BONUS: Submit to American Chronicle

Now before some know it all responds with "this is why you should never submit the same articles to multiple directories" let me add that i've been submitting the same articles to multiple directories for years with no problems.

Hope this helps someone.

I'm out.

Shon C.
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