Can you review my Website before I send it to Clickbank

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I just finished writing my ebook. It is over 120 pages... but before I send it off to Clickbank...I want to make sure that my sales page is perfect.

So if you notice anything that could be better let me know.

Thanks a lot.
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    You're squeeze page is pretty unique compared to the dozens I've seen.

    The only recommendation I have is to integrate your video into the page without being a youtube link. It will look much better and more professional. But I do like that you give the user the option to share the video.

    Anyway, hope that helps.

    Steven Patterson - Affiliate Marketer & Entrepreneur

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      A few things I noticed.. first take the "Powered by Aweber..." off of your optin form.

      Second, you have a screenshot that says you have over 25K views from E-Zine, but the screenshot is of your hubpages account.

      Also, under your YouTube video of 14K views, the URL is different from your sales page, I would remove that because people might want to check that out which will distract them from your sales page.

      "Copyright © Powered by OptimizePress" - Change this to Copyright © ESL Games. or whatever..
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    It's very unusual, and quite unorthodox in many ways, and I'm sure opinions will differ enormously ... but I really like it.

    I had to watch the video without speakers, for now, so I can't comment on "sound" at all. (And it would help to lose the pop-up ads on the video from YouTube).

    Just two quick things ...

    (i) You have a really extravagant enthusiasm for exclamation-marks!!!!! There are far too many of them and you should remove many;

    (ii) You're using the words "learning effective" as a compound adjective and must, surely, hyphenate them? Sorry to be so pedantic, but this is one sales page that really can't afford a grammatical error.

    I think you've done a very good job here, though, and I wish you well with it. (I'd possibly even be interested in becoming an affiliate if only the price were much higher).
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    Looks good.
    For me it's long and loading time is rather slow.

    Content is mostly good.
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    Thanks for pointing out the things that I need to change. I will do this first thing tomorrow morning. And maybe I will also raise the price...
    Thanks again to all you guys!
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    I would definitely remove the Youtube video at the top of the page and host the video using your own private video player. The first thing someone is going to do if they like what they see in your video is click on the video and go to Youtube to see what other free videos you have uploaded. Once on Youtube you will have lost that person for good.

    Don't give your visitors any reason to leave your page. You are probably trying hard and/or spending money to get visitors to your page so don't give them a reason/opportunity to leave right away.

    As for the rest of the page, it isn't a style I have really seen before. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. The only way to know for sure is to have a go and see what happens.

    It looks like you have put some Powerpoint slides on the page. I am a little worried as these are graphics and so the text in this area of the sales letter won't show up until the graphics have loaded. For people not on a super fast Internet connection this is going to be a nightmare and they probably won't stick around long enough to read your message.

    Another issue with these Powerpoint images is that they are all clickable and when you click on them, it takes you to a blog with just that image showing. Once again, don't give people a way to leave your page unless it is to order your product. Make sure all those images are un-linked.

    Your page is also over 3MB in size so I would try and minimize the use of unnecessary images as much as you can to try and help the page load times.
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    Might just be me, but the page loads extremely slow.
    *Reserved for cool stuff*
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    Food for thought...

    When I look at your page and finally get to the sales copy I noticed that it's all about you. Is there a reason why you're showing all the screen shots of your website on Google Yahoo and Bing?

    May I suggest a simple sales letter... tell your story man, just let it rip from the heart but tell your story and forget all the clever stuff.

    Tell your story and connect with others who wish to learn how to be a better ESL teacher and forget all the graphics because they do nothing for your product.
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    I also had a problem with the page loading really slowly, but all in all it looks awesome to me.
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    It looks great. A nice job.
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    I almost can't open it, is too slow
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    Part of the reason your page loads slowly is that you have a lot of images and they aren't compressed very well.

    For example,

    is a over 700KB. An image of that type could easily be around 100KB.

    However, the main graphic hog on your page are all the book page images. These could be easily converted into text with CSS effect (OptimizePress has loads of suitable testimonial box styles you could use).
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    Sorry man took long to load on my Droid. Try lightening it up or put video on utube.
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    1 - Wow, the page load time is a killer! I can see some other people had trouble with this too!
    2 - If this were my product, I would host the video on Amazon cloundfront to help speed things up and make it look more professional and stop those Youtube ads from popping up.

    3 - I would also have a little headline on top of the video. I know what esl is. But I found myself expecting to see a headline or short description at the top. I had to scroll down for more info, while the video kept loading.

    4- remove "powered by aweber"

    5 - on the price line, put $27 on a line by itself and (Regular price $97) on the next line and in smaller font. I found myself concentrating on the $97 instead of the $27.

    6 - take care and match up or remove the visitor counts and page views that you show, so as not to distract or make people raise an eyebrow if it doesn't match up with what's in your video
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