Flippa auctions extending into the middle of the night

by Trivum
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My understanding about Flippa is that if a bid is placed with less than four hours to go, then the remaining time automatically goes to four hours left.

What happens if it keeps extending and goes into the middle of the night?

What happens if some people are set to be automatically accepted and some aren't ... and you're fast asleep when the final bidding is taking place?

Am I missing something? Is there an easy solution to these possible scenarios?
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    Huh could you make your question more clear?
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    If the website you listed is on its last day and looks like it is going to go later you should checkmark the automatically accept new bids checkbox so that you dont miss out on any bids throughout the night. I

    Also if you have a hot auction, putting a BIN number in there would benefit. I sold a site the other night at around 3:00 am my time via BIN. And the BIN was for double the last bid. So it benefits to do that.

    Remember Flippa has an international following. It is actually based in Australia. So there are people there all the time. You shouldn't take a chance on missing any bids during this time.

    So place a BIN and automatically accept bids. I haven't had much trouble with deadbeat buyers so that is really not something that you should worry about too much.
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    Sadly there's not a lot you can do about it. If you don't accept a bid, you still have 3 days to accept it but your auction will end. So really you need to keep checking the auction and as mentioned above you should always have a BIN price on the last day.

    Personally, I don't recommend accepting all bids as mentioned above, sadly there are people who cannot pay for auctions and join just to upset them. Sad but true. So you must check out a users feedback and account age before accepting bids.

    This is more important if sites you are selling are going for 4 figures or more.

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