Affiliate Marketers - What do you look for from a merchant?

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I'm preparing creatives for my first affiliate marketing program through ShareASale. I'd like some of the experienced IM's to chime in and tell me what attracts you most to a merchant's campaign? What is a reasonable commission %? What creatives help you the most? Things along that nature. Basically tell me what a dream campaign would look like to you...within reason
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  • The product is foremost, along with fair commission structure as a good affiliate can create their copy and reviews.
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      In my case, the product is actual physical goods. What helps you determine if the product is "quality"? The web site? The labels on the products? Convincing sales copy on the site? Google Analytic stats? Is it unusual to make actual sample product available to affiliates?
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    Another question I think is important is what are some things merchants do to tick you off?
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    1. The quality of the product if its crap don't expect me to go out of my way and promote it to my list I have worked so hard to build

    2. Commission percent at least 50%

    3. Is it someone I know or someone new to the block
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    1. Proof that it converts.
    2. A quality launch process or sales page.

    Not Only That, It's Perfectly Legal & Whitehat!
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