Sometimes You Just Get Lucky...

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I started a new niche blog about a month back. Wrote about 25+ articles for it, submitted to EZA. Then, my final semester exams came up and I had little time to devote to my sites.

Today, I checked my Google Analytics and found that the site is pulling in 70-100 visitors daily, largely through one single keyword.

The funny part is that I never even tried to rank for this keyword. Heck, this keyword has just one article on my site and is far from being even the secondary or tertiary keyword.

But someone really liked my article, decided to link to it from his blog. His readers liked it too and linked back, and so on. My site is now on page 1 for this keyword which has 60,000 EXACT searches per month.

Of course, I don't expect these rankings to last. But just goes to show how unpredictable this business is. For one, I'm really enjoying the ride

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