New Breakthrough Features in Youtube

by maksym
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Hi Warriors!
Excellent new features are right now inside Youtube.
Now, we can create, edit perfect videos inside of our accounts.
They have now similar to Animoto feauture, but... I like mostly to create
your own cartoon movies.
Just check what I did in the last 10 minutes. :-)

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  • intresting... that cartoon software has been around 2-3 years already, but if indeed it's new to youtube, i guess they parntererd up.
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    Interesting - first I heard of this, must check it out
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    I saw this animation feature also and wondered how good it was. Will check it out. Excellent work using the Go Animate tool.

    Alexander Alaric - social media updates. Seeing a test and good results from Fap Turbo.

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    I just read the comments for the top go animate search results in youtube..

    Most of the comments say that the video creator is "lazy" for not animating his/her own animation.

    I don't know if you want that much bad press.
    Don't start breaking the rules of marketing until you know them first!
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    I hadn't seen that before. I just went in and created a little cartoon myself. It was fun.
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing this
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    Yea I saw this the other day, I made a little funny video on it
    I think it's pretty good, gives the people an option to create their own videos
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      Just these new features bring us huge possibilities. As I mentioned before,
      we can create now our cartoon movies or funny shows.
      And many times I heard that video creation process and video editing is
      so hard. Now... only lazy person can't make his own video at youtube.
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    Haha cool! Those cartoon images are supposed to help conversions too.

    (Just what I've heard, I've not got around to testing that yet)

    Not Only That, It's Perfectly Legal & Whitehat!
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