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I hope someone can help my problem with a WP blog. I'm no techie, so I'm hoping I won't need to poke around in code and stuff like that.

I'm putting links from one of my blogs to two others. Simple enough task.

So - select NAME of other site in text, go to link, enter url.

(Name is "Rookies First Guide to Internet Marketing")

BUT - when I review or publish the post, the link displays as the URL, not the text!

(url is http: // rookiesfirstguide dot com )

The site the links are being placed on is http:// onlineincomeforrookies dot com,
and the post is My Secret Page

I have tried changing themes, but it makes no difference. Can anybody help - pleeeze!
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    When I hover over your link, a popup appears for websnapr 2.0 saying to update your websnapr 2.0 code. Also, the link shows up as a shortened link... ITY.IM - shrink your URLs and get paid!

    Looks like you may have a plugin or theme issue here. Any idea what websnapr is?
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      You are a STAR!

      I wsn't getting the reactions you were when I hovered over the text. I had a plugin installed called 'ity.im wordpress plugin'.

      I removed it and all's well again. I still have no idea what websnapr is :confused:, but it's gone now .

      I do tend to play with experimental plug ins sometimes, so it's my own fault. Thanks again, much appreciated.
      Now where did I put that pencil?

      Time for a cuppa.
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