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Hi Guys,

Im back in the warrior forum after a few months out. In those few months i had completely forgotten and given up on IM. Id had enough.

I worked like buggery for a year and turned 1 sale in that time. I hoovered up every crumb of help, purchased all sorts of WSO's, got suckered into a lot of hype, and still couldn't make it work.

I wanted to see instant results. I wanted floods of traffic within 24 hours. I wanted to own every result page on google. But it never happened. So i gave up.

The last wso i tried out was one of the warriors courses. I followed it, implemented other tid bits i had learnt over time, set a site up, checked my stats eagerly everyday for a month with dribs and drabs of traffic. No referrals, NO SALES!

Thats when i gave up.

6 Months passed since then, when i received a reminder that my hosting plan was coming up for renewal. I decided to check up on the last site i made.

And what i saw amazed me. I was getting over 50 uniques a day through google (not huge numbers, but 50 times more than i was used to seeing)

So over to my affiliate account....SALES, 4 months of sales, just from one site. Over $300 in SALES!

So my account isn't bursting with thousands, but it has paid for the hosting for another year, and more importantly given me the kick up the arse to get back into the flow. Rinse, repeat, learn & improve!

I think time really is a forgotten ingredient. I wanted instant results, push button methods. I wanted my laptop to be a cash machine.

I now understand this isnt going to happen in a week, or a month, or maybe even 6 months, but it will happen, with direction!

So im back with a vengeance, i have a plan, but more importantly, i have patience.

I hope this motivates some. The results are there, you just need that special ingredient!

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    Very nice motivational story. Always good to read them.

    I guess the other warriors are going to tell you to "Now rinse and repeat", "upscale"

    Let me add..... Write down this moment and stick it up on your wall so you can remember that feeling every day.. Smile and take a picture of it and hang it next to your moment.

    Because there are always waaaaaay more downs than ups

    good luck
    Don't start breaking the rules of marketing until you know them first!
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    Great stuff, it shows that with hard work and time, your efforts can come to fruition. Now get back to putting the work in and hopefully you will see measurable, noticeable results.
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    I am truly inspired. I am also very obsessed with speed. I should have perseverance despite of the challenges and unsatisfactory results.

    Thanks mate for sharing.
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    Thank you for sharing, I'm inspired. Never giving up is the answer.
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    That's awesome, hopefully you learned something here that can be applied to other aspects of life as well.

    Now do it all over again, and again and earn that income.
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    This is was a nice surprise for you.

    Glad you didn't throw in the towel.

    Congrats on the sales and ranking/s!
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    I think you learnt a great lesson, one that alot of people looking to make money online should learn... Hey if you could sell that lesson then you could make alot of money!
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      Great story, very inspiring...........

      That's the thing with IM well with search engine traffic the results are not immediate they take time.............. Just the guru's dont tell you that, they can't, that wouldn't sell products.

      The key to this game is sticking to one path, enjoying the journey and always keeping one eye on the destination.
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    Congratulations !

    I am sure your result would inspire you and other warriors to work more and never give up .

    My advice to you is ...

    Now , you have tested that your method works . So, replicate it as many times as possible .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    Thats so great. I love your story. Every morning I get up and ask myself "are you interested or are you committed?". I am committed, thats why I keep going and build another site and get paid about $14.00 /month for what I've done so far. Its taken 2 years to get there, 1 was spent playing at it and its only since Jan 2011 that I made any affiliate sales.

    Here's to the next 6 months - as my dad's business partner says - "I hope you make a p*ss pot full of money!"
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    Great story. It's hard to not give up sometimes, been there a lot lately. Congrats on your sales and not giving up!
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    wow I really enjoyed reading that.

    HARD WORK = $$$$ simply put.

    Never give up, it really is all about testing.

    Oh and I bet if you were sending that traffic to a squeeze page you would have doubled your money. My whole business changed when i started sending traffic to a squeeze page and building a list.
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      This really is a good story.

      Shows your efforts were not for nothing.

      I like to explain it like this to the none IMers I talk to.

      I may work 60 hours a week and earn nothing for three months. After about 6 months or so I could be on vacation and doing nothing in IM and make more in a week then most make in a month.

      Thats what keeps me motivated.
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