Don't Forget to Be Patient!

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Hi everyone,

I've been in the IM field for quite a few years now, and I wanted to share something that I still struggle with....patience.

Just last night I was going through some sites I built a few months ago, and I felt so impatient and frustrated. Why aren't these sites ranking better? Why aren't they making more money?

You know what my first instinct was?

Give up on these sites and start something new.

And you know what? That's the worst thing I could do right now! We live in a very impatient society, one that is constantly demanding instant gratification.

And IM products certainly don't help. How many "Get Rich Quick" emails do you receive every day?

We all need to be patient people. Decent website rankings take months, if not years. I try to remind myself of that every day.

Its time to get back to promoting my sites

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    Yes, I agree...patience is needed. Just as important as patience, is knowing when to walk away from something that is not working.
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      Originally Posted by Joanne Greco View Post

      Yes, I agree...patience is needed. Just as important as patience, is knowing when to walk away from something that is not working.
      The problem is that most will walk away rather quickly and will never give a chance to see if their project or business succeeds or not, that is human nature and most if not all want a quick fix right then and there.

      IM success will never happen overnight, everyone that is a success righ now has worked there butts off to have the success that they are now enjoying, some of the most respected marketers have been warriors for a very long time and they stuck with their plans, goals and their mindset was to not give up when something fails, just pick yourself back up and take another shot at success.

      Patience is the key to success in life and it spreads in every aspect of our lives, master this and you can pretty much do anything you want to do and have success at it.

      " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Well said, Matt and Joanne. Too many people succumb to the desire for quick gratification. It's not just a matter of giving up and moving on too soon. It's also an issue of giving up before project completion. And even after that, perseverence is generally needed.

    The knowing of when cutting losses IS the best option is the real art.

    - Russ
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    Yes Joanne,

    You definitely hit the other side of the coin here. It is hard to let a project go, even though it is obvious that you won't be able to make it work.

    This type of work is so different then a regular job. You know, where you go in and get paid a certain amount for each hour you work.

    In IM, I've done things that have made me tons of money in as little as an hour, and yet I've spent countless hours to make nothing sometimes too.

    I guess we just need to keep a rational head about things. It also helps to talk to others about what we are doing, whether it be a spouse, friend, or partner. We need to stay grounded!


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