New Warriors. Please Don't Post If . . .

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. . . you are going to do any of the following

1. Rant about gurus

2. Ask how you can make money from WSOs

3. Ask how to make money and have a link in your sig file like
Make $3,000 A Day!

It's not against the rules to do any of them but these are the kind of things that experienced Warriors judge you by.

And you will no doubt get some negative comments and may even have your thread deleted if you do something like that.

Suggested post topics that will gain you more respect.

1. Hi, my name is xxxxx, a new Warrior (give a short bio).

Warriors are very welcoming to newbies and this will give you a chance to interact a little in a thread.

2. Ask about something you don't understand (related to IM ) but make sure you have searched the Forum first to check it hasn't been covered already.

3. Check the news and marketing related sites regularly. If you find a piece of breaking news that would help Warriors post a link to it. Often it's a good idea to use the exact headline from the news story as your thread headline. e.g.

Thread Title:
Godaddy Domains For 99cents!

Thread Body:

Hi Warriors,
Just saw this coupon code to get a Godaddy domain for 99 cents.

99CENTS (not case sensitive)

It's limited to one per customer.

It is also important to take care of your thread. It is rude to start a thread and then not reply to any of the comments. There are certain people whose call for help I won't answer because I took time to make a helpful post in two or three of their previous threads and got zilch response. But don't go to the other extreme and reply to every comment with a short one liner which doesn't add to the conversation. If you don't want to write a full reply the Thanks button is very useful.

Look at how some other Warriors interact in their own thread. They wait for a few replies then answer two or three people in one post. (by the way, the person who starts a thread is referred to as the OP - Original Poster).

And finally, use a photo and a real name. newbie65 or lovemachineusa don't inspire much confidence.

Remember, this is just friendly advice. You are free to take it or ignore it. I just wrote it to help take some of the teething pains out of your Warrior experience.

This is a great place and, if you start on the right foot, you'll be well on your way to online success.

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