where to get cheap article writers?? any suggestions.

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i have few microniche sites . i want few articles . Where can get them cheaply ??
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    Try the search button or just look down as there seem to be a lot of posts today about outsourcing


    Skype: lioncirth

    www.OutsourceUniqueContent.com <------ Coming Soon!

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    Have you tried these guys?

    Need an Article Custom Content
    James Burchill ~ Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur
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    If you are looking for cheap and excellent articles to be written go for Freelancer.com and post your project. You will get 500 words article with $3.
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    the chance to find a cheap one that would give you quality results is 2 out of 10 probability..

    warriorforum | merchant services
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      Just be aware, you get what you pay for. I've paid $3 to $5 in the past, and most of them were pretty terrible.

      I'd recommend paying a little more, around the $10 mark, much better investment.

      Check out the warrior for hire section.
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    Have a look at the Articlez and Textbroker web sites. The quality of the articles that are written for you is based on how much you spend. It is always worth spending more to get better quality (subject to your budget).

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    You can post your requirements on sites like jobs.freelanceswitch.com
    They have a good database of quality writers located around the globe.
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    try CL and point ur browser to PH site and you are sure to find some...but then again... you can't be too cheap for your own good...

    Geo-Targeting and local SEO Consultant
    Yes I do believe in Money Tree - Its just that we call it our LISTs

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    Cheap and writer just don't really go together in a sentence well.
    My blog, because nothing is a more powerful marketing tool than a well written article.
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      I'm going to let the biggest secret in the history of article writing out the bag...

      ... You can get american college students, freelance journalists, and other people you couldn't imagine in a million years to write for $.01/word. Sometimes less than that.

      All you have to do is post an ad on craigslist in a major city and if you're ad doesn't suck you'll get a ton of replies. From there pick a couple and try em out.

      I've found that for small projects like yours this is ideal. But in general these people aren't reliable and they quickly realize writing articles is very boring.

      Sometimes you luck out and get a journalist that loves to write and just wants some extra cash.

      Anyway, I should have probably put this in a WSO for $7, but I'm in a giving mood today.

      Nothing to see here

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    try digital point forums. Lots of people from lower end countries there. They dont charge much.

    Hope this helps
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    I have a skilled team of writers under me that charge $1.25 per 100 words regardless of niche, inbox me if you're interested.

    I agree with above comments, paying $3 per article is going to be bad quality as these writers can't always speak english properly. Grammar, we won't even go there.
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    An alternative would be buying quality PLR and having it rewritten. Many writers charge less for rewrites than they do writing articles from scratch since there is no research involved.
    KeciaHambrick.com - Blogger. Content Creator. Social Media Enthusiast.
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    Try 99cents articles and digitalpoint forum.
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    Digital point forum will be good for you.
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    Whatever your direction to choose to hire someone write articles for you; the most important thing that you need to check is how many reviews have, check the article in copyspace.com before accepting from the worker to avoid duplicate content.

    this is good sites guru.com, odesk.com, elance.com, or fiverr.com

    Good luck in your business and all the warriors
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    Go to https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome and create a "HIT" (human intelligence task). People will do most anything for pennies on the dollar. Quality may not be the best though but it's definitely cheap.
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    For just a few articles, I would either try Fiverr if they had good reviews or if you browse around the Warriors For Hire section, there are some people that are offering pretty good prices! You can get a good 500-word article for $5 there.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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    I've used 99cent articles and I've found them very good - content is good.

    Like to earn while you learn how to build your online business - find out how with this FREE marketing bootcamp - http://sixfigurebootcampwithaileen.com

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    Try to post here:


    usually the rate is $2-5 per article
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    Getting a cheap writer is a mess. They don't really make sense. Better hire someone that is best and not that cheap because you will surely have a great article/articles.
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      Check the Warriors for Hire section. Just be aware that you might need to do a bit of editing if you decide to get $5 articles but writer has already done the research for you.
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    I see a few people saying to use fiverr for this, while this can be good, I have been scammed twice on there, so just be warned.
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    Cheap can mean many different things, I offer good quality at very reasonable prices don't know if we're 'cheap' though...
    RemoteControlHelicopterReviews.(com/net) - Up for sale! No reasonable offer refused. Great branding for a super hot niche!
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    Try your local grammar school. You might be able to get some kids to write for candy bars, if that's cheap enough for you. :rolleyes:
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    Originally Posted by coollife84 View Post

    i have few microniche sites . i want few articles . Where can get them cheaply ??
    Hey, check out this post by this guy... He pretty much sums everything up on how to outsource for writers. But I'm doing the same thing for $3 at freelancer.com

    Anyway, here's his article below.

    I was willing to pay up to $5 an article because I knew that was about the price that they were going for if I went to the DigitalPoint marketplace, but if you have ready my SEO article writers post, you would know that I took a completely different route.
    The best way to get the cheapest article writers is to get the writers bidding against each other for your business and that is exactly what I did.
    If you have never heard of oDesk, you need to head over there and sign up to their freelancing website.

    Reference from standoutblogger

    Young Chap from Singapore earns $10, 058.99 overnight just by sending out 1 email using the Inbox Cash Technique. Too good to be true? Click here to find out how he did it.

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      In the Warrior's Forum, Products and Services, there is a Warriors for Hire section where you might be able to find some article writers.
      BUT, if you want quality writing, be careful -- you might get what you pay for. Sometimes it's best to bite the bullet and hire quality, proven writers and pay a bit more for it.
      Good luck,
      Beverly G.
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    touch them on Linked in.
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    Fiverr and here in the services section. But like anything, what you pay is what you get

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    Or you can just have me do them. I'm a native English speaker from the United States with a BA in English and a minor in Creative Writing. I have fiverr gigs too (my fiverr username is also betteseo)
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    Originally Posted by coollife84 View Post

    i have few microniche sites . i want few articles . Where can get them cheaply ??
    I would head over to digital point and try there. I once hired a writer for 20 articles and got a really good price and the work was top rate.
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    fiverr.com has good choice !
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    If you literally just talking about a few articles, fiverr is fine.

    If you tell them you'll use them again if their work is good, you may find they'll try a little harder to keep you coming back.
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    Fiverr is a little too ghetto for the quality you may need. You may want to step up to ImGigz or MyCheapJobs

    Health and Fitness niche Affiliate Program | High CTR/EPC | Personal Account Manager 24/7 support https://influencer.bulksupplements.com

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    I'm not sure when you want to get them written, but I'm starting an online marketplace for social networking services like this at Sociapay.com. Look out for it within the next month. You'll be able to get a variety of services with a guarantee!
    Affordable Website Design - We create amazing websites w/bonuses starting at only $399!
    Affordable Search Engine Optimization - Get ranked on the 1st page of Google for only $119/mo!
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  • Hi Coollife84. Your definition of "cheap article writers" would be helpful. Tell us your purposes for the articles you want written, and we'll start to understand what you mean by "cheap article writers". Here are some popular purposes for articles:

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    Check out Odesk, you can get decent content written for about 3$ an article.
    This is outsourced ofcourse.
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    Fiverr is a great place to check out for article writers, amazed how far your $5 can go
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