We are NOT a newbie.. Are we ??

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Well not if you have begun starting online, this is why I say this.....

Hi by the way

I say this because if you have started online you already have some idea of what it is all about right ?

But get this, a MAJOR percentage of people in the world I'm sure dont even realise that you can sell information !

They just dont know that it can be done, let alone be making people serious money online

Let me tell you what sparked this off to me.

Im what the IM world would call a 'newbie' .. I just got a blog started about 8 weeks ago now and if you have seen a recent post of mine you will know I have had an amazing start ( In my opinion )

I do still work full time but people at work have begun to hear about my business and it appears some have visited my blog...

So get this, I have had 2 totally different approaches to me from my work collegees.. Some have said stuff like
" No way Dean !! Cant believe you have made that much so quick.. Well done mate, can you teach me how its done ? "

But .. Here is the other side I have been approached by...

"Ha ha ha.. hows ya internet scam going Dean ha ha ha "

LOL.. Can you imagine how that felt having that said ?? Well actually I just laughed at the guy !

You see I dont think its his fault, its either that he's jealous.. or as I suspect he just doesnt have a clue what its all about

So who's a newbie then ??

Any of us that have actually started online.. I dont think we are !!

Thats my thoughts, let me know what you think


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    Hi Dean

    It's funny isn't it? I used to get the same thing when i had a job..even recently trying to explain how it all works did not 'compute'

    I guess a newbie is someone who has yet to make any money online.

    But I wouldn't class you as one because you're making it happen..I don't think timescales come into it - you've heard of people finding success within weeks, so are they classed a newbie or not?

    I would say a newbie is someone who is just starting to find out how it all works - and if that takes months/years then they will still be a newbie ..i guess :-)

    good stuff mate - catch up soon

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      The term, newbie, seems to indicate a person who is new and has not yet learned the ropes. Having success right from the beginning doesn't mean you can't still be a newbie. There is so much to be learned in IM that it's difficult to believe a person can land on the Internet and already know it.

      While quick successes are possible, it can also simply be that you hit a good niche and targeted a few of the right people to make sales and feel good about your career move.

      Imagine how much better your business will be after you've been online a year or more and studied how others are succeeding? That's when you move from being a newbie to being a pro. or advanced marketer.

      If you still aren't making a survivable wage online after a year or 10, then I think you are still a newbie, because it indicates that either 1) you aren't doing enough of the right work or 2) you still have a lot to learn.

      Just my opinion, you understand.

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    Hey Deano!!

    "Hola" from a very sunny and hot Buenos Aires, from a fellow Alex Jeffreys student!!

    Your workmate's reaction I would put down to both ignorance and jealousy!

    Most people still have this "old school" way of thinking, and don't really understand that information is power, and therefore selling information makes money.

    I tried once to explain to my dad about how it all works ... it didn't really sink in!!

    But what's great, Dean, is that you, like the rest of us AJ students, are TAKING ACTION!

    I think it's just amazing what we've achieved both individually and as a group in just a few weeks.

    Just today, to the already long list, I added ANOTHER 53 new student websites to my blogroll. COUNT 'EM.. ** FIFTY THREE ***

    All new money-making websites that didn't even exist a few weeks ago!

    The momentum that we all have is amazing.

    I'm working on a promo video to show off our success (available soon on my site, and at all good video hosts!)!

    I just hope we all remember each other when we're all famous! hehe

    Keep up the good work, Dean!

    Catch up with you on Twitter! :-)

    JoeTrueman dot com
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    I still class myself as a newbie even though I have been online for several years, as I still have a lot to learn.

    Best wishes
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      Hi Dean

      I think it's a good question. I think whether you 'class' yourself as a newbie or not depends on the level of two things - Your ability to learn (hopefully fast) and the measure of your own self esteem!

      I first started in I.M. about two years ago after going to an Internet Marketing Seminar in Wembley (UK). I noticed two camps of people.

      The first 'camp' included 'wannabee' Internet marketers - who I watched shelve out $4,000+ for 'systems' that I could now put together in my sleep. These guys wanted a quick fix - income now and I could see the first problem they encountered their wallets would be out.

      I now see these guys as the 'newbies' - they would rather 'spend' money than 'learn' the basics. Don't get me wrong I'm not advocating not going to seminars or buying courses - it's just an observation that I had.

      Having kept in contact with a few of these guys - not one of them is in I.M. and some have a 'bitter taste' from the experience.

      What I learnt from that experience is that you have to learn a bit of 'everything' first to get your competence and knowledge level up to know what you can do and can't i.e. outsource.

      When you know your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to I.M. and have some success (maybe a few sales) then in my opinion you are no longer a 'newbie'.

      Now the second group at the seminar were a different lot altogether.

      These consisted of two sub groups. Sellers of products - who new their stuff but were 'great marketers' and the other sub group which consisted of learning this as a business.

      When talking to some of the guys who were looking at this as a business (and by the way they had the same knowledge level as me - zilch) - a different story!

      We all were prepared to learn the ropes, make mistakes, move on and then focus on the activities and processes that would make us money.

      Of the five guys/1 gal, 4 are doing this full time.

      Being a newbie or not a newbie is first of all dependent on how you 'view' yourself and your abilities. Secondly you may not think of yourself as a newbie but others may because of your income level. So the ideal 'middle road' definition of whether your a newbie or not depends whether you feel that you can 'support' yourself financially and feel content with your 'progress'. That's the bottom line!

      Just my 2c worth!!


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    In my opinion, you're a newbie if you haven't made any money yet or you're just getting started which means you haven't made any decent and steady money yet.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Just giving a bit of love to a fellow Alex Jeffreys student today, newbie or not...dont know and dont care! I just keep going until I win! Great post and your a great inspiration Dean!

    Kathy Baka
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      Hey peeps

      Some great replies to this..

      To me, if you know money can be made online by selling information then you are not a total newbie.

      Unless they are already in IM then everyone I meet dont know what im talking about when I tell them I have an online business.

      Well they get that bit but when they ask doing what and I say selling information their face just changes .. lol

      Oh well.. We know whats possible right

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    There definitely seems to be a space between newbie and successful internet marketer. It seems that people here have many different definitions of success. Some will say you are successful if you are making 100 per day online. Others will laugh and say that isn't much money.

    I really try not to put a number on it, I think you are successful if you have figured out a way to make a consistent income online. Even if it is small - if it pays a bill every month that's a big help.
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